Pelican SC24 Soft Cooler – The Ninja of Chilling

Pelican SC24 Soft Cooler

The Pelican SC12 and SC24 Elite Soft Coolers are soft-sided coolers designed to save weight and be adventure ready. Both the SC12 and SC24 Elites coolers are waterproof, durable as heck and offer multiple options to strap to your boat, ATV, bike or kayak. Plus, they look badass. So what makes them so elite?

Pelican SC24 Soft Cooler


The Elite Soft Coolers are designed (possibly over-designed) in the USA, we always appreciate that. Why would we say they are over-designed? This is a good thing, trust us. From the waterproof (and leakproof – very important!) TIZIP zippers to the stainless steel tie downs with integrated bolt openers – this cooler is made for kicking ass and keeping your food (or game) cool.

I tested out the SC24 on several adventures in the Rocky Mountains, doing my best to beat it up and test it out. SC24 is the twenty-four can cooler, the SC12 is the twelve can cooler. The cooler we tested had a 25-quart capacity and easily held a case of beer and ice pack. Personally, I love soft-sided coolers. They are usually lighter weight (in this case 55% lighter), they are easier to carry, and don’t hurt as much when they are hucked at you. Do your best to not have a cooler projected at you, but if it does happen, you will be happier with a soft-sided cooler.

So many straps and lash points. This makes attaching the cooler to your adventure vehicle much easier than trying to rig up some sort of makeshift tie downs. Pelican even snuck two bottle openers into the tie downs. There is one small zippered pocket on the front of the cooler that can fit car keys and phone. Handles on both sides are burly and handy. There is a shoulder strap included that is easily removable.

The Pelican Elite Soft Coolers are an investment, but well worth it. They are made of burly materials and thoughtfully engineered to meet the most demanding adventures. This cooler lives in my truck at all times. Serving as a refuge for snacks on hot days, poolside party companion, camp cooler for the wife and 2 dogs and the most badass reusable grocery bag ever. Try using a soft-sided cooler at the market next time. Heck of a lot better than hoping the frozen items don’t melt on the way home on a 100-degree day. Lifehack. You’re welcome.


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