Toad&Co. High Planes Shirtjac, Stahlhorn Crew and Chaser Shirt – Organic, Recycled and Looking Good

High Planes Shirtjac

Toad&Co. High Planes Shirtjac, Stahlhorn Crew and Chaser Shirt – Organic, Recycled and Looking Good

Toad & Co. High Planes Shirtjac, Stahlhorn Crew

Toad&Co. make stylish clothes that feature recycled materials.  The High Planes Shirtjac, Stahlhorn Crew and Chaser Shirt are great examples of Toad&Co’s environmentally friendly approach on functional outdoor apparel.  They focus on making lifestyle clothes with minimal impact on the environment.  In fact, 98% of the Fall 2018 collection it sustainably made! By February 2019, the entire line will be 100% sustainably made. Below are three of our favorites from the Fall 2018 Toad&Co. lineup – High Planes Shirtjac, Stahlhorn Crew Sweater, and Chaser Long sleeve shirt.

High Planes Shirtjac – Jacket that is a shirt

Shirtjac might not be a real word, yet.  But the High Planes Shirtjac is a useful clothing item.  It is a button up shirt that is insulated and features a fuzzy collar and hand pockets.  That sounds more like a jacket to us, but either way, it is a good looking shirt, jacket.  Priced very fairly at $129 MSRP, this is a bargain for what you get.  The High Planes Shirtjac is made of 82% Organic cotton, 16% Polyester and 2% spandex.  So it stretches a bit (which I always appreciate).  The shirtjac also has a DWR treatment to keep the weather out.  The hand pockets have fuzzy sherpa insulation to keep your digits warm. The look of the shirtjac is right at home in the mountains or going out. MSRP $129

High Planes Shirtjac


Stahlhorn Crew Sweater – Non- Mulesed Wool Warmth

The Stahlhon Crew Sweater is made of 55% non-mulesed Lambswool and 45% nylon.  This gives it a soft, stretchy and comfortable feel.  No wool itch here. The bigger take away here is that the wool is not mulesed.  There is a movement to move away from this practice and Toad&Co. are on board.  The fabric is also OEKO-TEX 100 certified. Besides being made of great materials, the Stahlhorn looks great.  MSRP $129

Toad&Co. Stahlhorn Crew Sweate

Chaser Long Sleeve Shirt – Lightweight Organic Cotton Flannel

Flannel shirts are usually thick and heavy.  The Toad&Co. Chaser Long Sleeve Shirt is not!  This is a very lightweight and breathable flannel style shirt that can be worn year round.  The look is rugged, thanks to the peached fabric.  This is an easy wearing button down shirt that fits well. MSRP $75

Toad&Co. – Designed for Good

One of my favorite things about Toad&Co. is not only the recycled fabrics they use, nor is it the looks of the clothes, but it is the dedication to helping those with disabilities.  This is very close to my heart, as my younger brother was disabled.  Any company (or person) that goes above and beyond to help out others is always greatly appreciated by me.  Toad&Co. has been employing people with disabilities since 1997.  They partnered with Search, Inc. to co-found Planet Access Company.  A warehouse that employs adults with intellectual and physical disabilities.  Check it out.


Conclusion on Toad&Co. Fall 2018 Clothing Line

Toad&Co. continue to offer great looking outdoor, lifestyle clothes made of recycled and organic materials.  Their efforts to make the world a better place by doing this, as well as employing people with disabilities, is truly remarkable.  You can feel good about looking good in these clothes!

Toad&Co. High Planes Shirtjac

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