Glerups Wool Slippers – Fantastic and Comfortable


Glerups Wool Slippers – Fantastic and Comfortable

Kate Agathon


Is it a boot, or is it a slipper?


Whether or not you consider them boots or consider them slippers, Glerups boots (going by their official name, here) are undoubtedly minimalist, warm, and practical.



Glerups Wool Slippers review

In the past, I’ve worn slipper boots similar in appearance to Glerups, but made of synthetic materials. Even with a faux shearling lining, those boots did not provide as much warmth compared to the Glerups. This can be attributed to the super soft Gotland sheep wool.


Constructed of 100 percent pure wool, the Danish-based boot provides the natural warmth of wool felt that envelopes your foot and lower ankle in comfort. In fact, the breathable, no-itch wool is so soft that it is recommended to break the boots in while barefoot.


The Glerups aren’t cavernous, but they are not entirely form-fitting either. Since I have narrow feet, I found myself wearing them with socks more often than not- absolutely fine with me. And even while wearing socks, my feet did not overheat or sweat.


The bottoms of the boots are rubber, so there’s no worry of slipping and they can be worn outside to grab the mail or let the dog out. Since I live in a house with wood floors, I appreciate the warmth and also the cushioning.


They are also sturdy and do not attract as much lint as I thought they would. Overall, I’m pleased with them, from an aesthetic and a practical standpoint.


Completely packable, Glerups are the gift you give to someone who has everything. They’re the gift you give to the friend who works remotely. The friend with the dog. The friend who camps. The friend who skis. Your entire family.


For whom are Glerups boots for? Everyone.

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