Houdini Free Tee Merino Shirt – Sustainable and Comfortable

Houdini is a new company to us at Engearment, but we like how they operate. They are keen on using sustainable and recycled materials. They sent over the Free Tee – made of 100% superfine merino wool.

As you all probably know, I am a freak for merino wool. In this review, I go over the fit and function of this basic wool shirt. I will have links below for more info on Houdini and were to get this shirt.

Houdini Free Tee Merino Shirt Fit and Function

I am 6’1″ 205lb 45″ chest and 33″ waist and usually an XL in most shirts.  Houdini sent over the Fee Tee in size XL and it fits the way I hoped it would.  Except in 2 ways.

First, I am not a “normal” build”.  I have a bit wider shoulders and back than most people my weight.  This is probably because I am a fitness professional and spend quality time working on strength and conditioning. So, lets make it clear that the way it fits me, may not be the way it fits you.

The thing that I did not like about this shirt was that the armpits were tight.  Again, this is very specific to me and probably won’t affect you.  In fact, I let other testers try it on and they did not have this issue.  I hope that clears the air on that!

This shirt is long!

Like, really long.  This is great for people with longer torsos and/or for climbers.  You will not be exposing your stomach in any way while wearing this shirt!  If you tuck your shirt in for backcountry skiing, this is also an asset.

Though it is longer than I am used too, it did not get in the way of me using it.  I would rather have a little extra length than be too short.

Houdini Free Tee

Houdini Free Tee

How I tested the Houdini Free Tee

I took the Free Tee out for back to back days hiking and camping.  I love merino for this reason. You can wear it back to back days and let it air out and defunk.

Next, I used the shirt for back to back fitness courses.  My fellow coaches and I though a “coaches course” at our gym.  We used this as an opportunity to meet local coaches and see if they would be a good “fit” for our team.

Of course, we hosted this course on the hottest weekend of the year, during 5 forest fires, while ash fell from the sky.  You know, normal 2020 stuff LOL. The fact that we endured the outdoor physically demanding seminar is one thing.  The fact that the Houdini shirt didn’t self destruct was another 🙂 There was a lot of sweat, to say the least!

Houdini Free Tee at Coaches Course in Denver

Houdini Free Tee at Coaches Course in Denver

Grab the Houdini Free Tee here


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