Indyva LIIKE III Dress Review – Surprise Favorite

Indyva LIIKE III Dress

Indyva LIIKE III Dress Review – Surprise Favorite

Kate Agathon

The  Indyva LIIKE III dress is a trendy, yet not-over-the-top dress that is the surprise breakout favorite dress of the season.

Indyva LIIKE III Dress Review

Initially, this was a dress that I approached with much apprehension.


Toeing the line between athletic and fashion, I wasn’t sure if I could pull off a dress that appeared to me, was designed for someone in their 20s.

Indyva LIIKE III Dress

Indyva LIIKE III Dress


Secondly, it is a pull over dress; my track record with pull over dresses over the last five or so years has not been great. To put it nicely, gravity has happened to my body and pull over dresses that once looked good look like potato sacks at best, and sausage casings at worst.


Thirdly, it was a solid color (fig), not a print (better to hide love handles), and not my trusty black (the classic slimming effect).


Those three factors caused a lot of anxiety before I actually tried the dress on. Once it was on- wow. Glad I didn’t listen to the naysaying voice in my head. For someone middle aged and not in yoga model shape, it looked surprisingly good.


The fig is a nice warm greyish/taupe color that was a nice departure from my usual black, and made me look younger. The clever ruching and spandex stretch material hid my love handles.


As soon as I put it on and just marveled at how good it looked, I knew I was off to a good start. A great start, actually.

Indyva LIIKE III Dress Review - Surprise Favorite 1LIIKE III — INDYEVA Outdoor Clothing US


Do everything dress

Not too long or too short, the dress offers just enough coverage to take it from day to evening.


True to size, it drapes beautifully (I was afraid it would hang on me like a sack like so many other dresses have- fortunately not the case), and doesn’t gap or fit tightly in odd places.


Additionally, its stretchy fabric and somewhat sporty look makes it great to wear anytime- after cycling beers with friends, brunch, etc.

I discovered this is also a great travel dress. It dries quickly, wicks moisture, and has a UPF rating 50+. I found myself wearing it on the hottest days and not once did I feel sweaty or sticky.

I also liked the mesh insert along the top of the v neckline- it made it pop and teased a bit of fashion- a look that any age group could carry without looking ridiculous. The mesh embellishment made the dress my first choice for a recent mountain town date night- the perfect setting.

Finally, let’s talk about the pockets. Not just pockets, but very, very deep hand pockets! They’re cleverly placed along diagonal seams on the dress so they are invisible. I could put my phone, keys, and wallet in them and still have room for my hands.

Other details: small, secure pocket in right hand side pocket; side adjustment along bottom hem; reflective logo.

This is a fantastically versatile dress with practical features (pockets!) that stands out among so many others. More importantly, the colors and the styling look good on any age group.

Try it on!
Unless it was displayed on a mannequin, the LIIKE III woven stretch dress is something that I’d probably pass by unnoticed if it was hanging on a rack.

The ruching along the sides and back of the dress make it appear wrinkly. With no buttons or zippers, it just kind of hangs there on the hanger. How it appears hanging shouldn’t be a dissuasion- once it is on, the LIIKE III looks good. Really good.

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