Kuhl Renegade Shorts Review – 10″ Version – The Best Hiking Shorts

Kuhl Renegade Shorts

Kuhl Renegade Shorts Review – 10″ Version – The Best Hiking Shorts


The Kuhl Renegade Shorts 10″ version is among the best hiking and everyday shorts I have used. From the stretch UPF50 material to the functional pocket layout, these shorts have been awesome. I have used the previous generations of the Kuhl Renegade shorts (you can read that one here) and can appreciate the updated materials and fit.

Kuhl Renegade Shorts Review

I have been a fan of the Kuhl Renegade shorts for many years.  They have been my go-to shorts for all kinds of activities.  You can see them being used in many of the summer gear review write-ups and videos as well.  I had been using the 12″ version of these (and the Navigtr) shorts, but I am switching to 8″ and 10″ shorts this year. I think they fit better and look more current.

The previous Renegade shorts had a more technical-looking and stretchier material.  I really liked the feel of the older material as it was very stretchy and capable.  However, they did look more technical than then the new version.  I feel that the new version looks just as good on the trail as it does out in the urban world.  Meaning, the new Renegade looks good enough to sport on a social level 🙂

Kuhl Renegade Shorts

Kuhl Renegade Shorts at home in a creek or a restaraunt

The Kuhl Renegade comes in several colors, as well as lengths. I am really appreciating the 8″ and 10″ versions of the Kuhl shorts.  In fact, I gave away all my 12″ Kuhl shorts when these came in! LOL.

Kuhl Renegade Shorts

Kuhl Renegade Shorts colors and sizes

I can speak to the quality of the Kuhl Renegade as I have been using them for several years.  The price of $75 is fair considering how well they are built. You will be seeing these in more and more gear reviews this summer 🙂

I will put together a comparison of the Kuhl Renegade and Kuhl Navigatr as well so you can see how they look and function next to each other. Both are fantastic shorts but with slightly different materials and fit.  Stay tuned for that!

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