Outdoor Research Carbide Bibs – Awesome Backcountry Bibs for Under $300

Looking for a legit bib for the backcountry?  Then check out the Outdoor Research Carbide Bibs $300.  For a fair price of less than $300, you get 3L WPB protection and all features you would want for a great touring bib.

Outdoor Research Carbide Bibs - Awesome Backcountry Bibs for Under $300 4Men's Carbide Bibs


Outdoor Research Carbide Bibs Review

As we covered in the OR Carbide Jacket review here – the Caride kit uses Pertex Shield 3L membrane.  This WPB membrane has been great for dumping heat as well as protection from the elements.  Plus, it has great stretch!


I am going to borrow a bit from the Carbide jacket review to tell you a bit more about Pertex:

Pertex Sheild 3L

I have used Pertex Sheild in plenty of backpacking jackets and pants, but not in winter clothing until the Carbide kit. Pertex makes some really great materials that a lot of companies use as the face fabric or membrane.  Pertex Sheild is a 3L WPB membrane that performs well in our testing.  It seems to be as good as any other 3L membrane we have used this season and has some other great properties that I will get into below.

What I love about this set up is the quietness, softness, and stretch of the material. The 40D fabric is a sweet spot of lightweight and durability.  I really appreciate how much the bibs move with me and don’t seem to restrict any movement.  I will take breathability and mobility over thicker materials and restrictions on most any day!

Outdoor Research Carbide Bibs - Awesome Backcountry Bibs for Under $300 5Carbide Bib Pant - Men's $298.95


Beacon Pocket

I am a big fan of beacon pockets, and the Carbide might be my favorite beacon pocket yet.  There is a massive clip system that is glove-friendly.  So, you can attach or remove the beacon easier than some other companies’ systems.  The stretch pocket fits my Mammut Barryvox perfectly, and I am sure it can accommodate other beacons out there.

Outdoor Research Carbide Bibs
Outdoor Research Carbide Bibs

Collab with Arcade

If the straps loo familiar, they should!  They are Arcade belt straps.  They are very comfortable and stylish.  The buckles are easy to use, even with gloves on.  I am a fan of Cody and Arcade and have been wearing them since meeting Cody at SIA back in 2014.  It is great to see 2 awesome companies collaborating on a legit product.

Outdoor Research Carbide Bibs - Awesome Backcountry Bibs for Under $300 6Collabs


The combination of the OR Carbide jacket and bibs can be had for under $600, which is just awesome.  You get a legit 3L set up that can handle the backcountry with ease and style.  I can see why the Carbide kit has earned so much praise!



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