Prana Sol Protect Hoodie and Sol Protect Top

I tried prAna’s best-selling Sol Protect Hoodie and the Sol Protect Top (the two original pieces that comprised the Sol Protect series when it was introduced), and was delighted with both.

What makes a clothing item a best seller? Is it the fabric? The design?

Every season introduces new clothing trends, but some items retain their popularity. I wanted to find out why prAna’s women’s Sol Protect series built for “hybrid adventures” has continued to be a fan favorite since its launch in Spring 2021.

Prana Sol Protect Hoodie

The Sol Protect Hoodie is best described as the same, but different.

Prana Sol Protect Hoodie
Prana Sol Protect Hoodie

“Same” in that it provides protection from harmful sun rays and that this multi-functional hoodie is intended for an array of activities- hiking, casual wear, yoga cover up, swimsuit cover up, and more.


“Different” in that all the details that prAna packed into the Sol Protect Hoodie made it a stand out piece.


Compared to other sun hoodies that I’ve worn this year, the Sol Protect Hoodie differentiates itself due to its slightly longer hemline, super soft material, and slightly heavier feeling weight.


The henley snap front gave it a stylish look, and even more details such as cuff thumb holes and spacious kangaroo pocket with internal envelope pocket added to its charm.


The stretchy and breathable Sol Protect Hoodie pairs well with leggings, skorts, or jeans and is ready for any situation: walking the dog, hiking, or grabbing a cup of coffee.


The standard fit allows for it to be worn solo, or with a tank top or t-shirt underneath.

Prana Sol Protect Hoodie
Prana Sol Protect Hoodie

Completely packable, the hoodie doesn’t wrinkle and is great for an additional layer during those in-between fall days where it can go from warm to cool within a few hours. It’s also nice to wear as a layer before and after working out.


During the fall months, the Sol Protect Hoodie is ideal for desert forays on Colorado’s Western slope or a trip to Moab.


For Fall 2022, prAna’s Sol Protect Hoodie is available in four season-appropriate colors: Heather Gray, Soft White, Rhubarb Stripe, and Black.

Sol Protect Top

I liked prAna’s Sol Protect Hoodie so much that I wanted to try another piece from the collection; the raglan pullover Sol Protect Top with contrasting baseball shirt sleeves.

Sol Protect Top
Sol Protect Top

Constructed from the same soft, yet durable polyester blend material as the Sol Protect Hoodie, the Sol Protect Top proved to be incredibly resilient to tears or snags (something I always worried about while wearing solar protective tops from other brands).

Even while I was training and playing with my very large young dog, the shirt was resilient to all the rough house playing.

One feature that I was uncertain about was the side seam snap detail along the slits. It didn’t really seem necessary. But once I was wearing the top, it looked cute and reminded me of some boat-collared shirts with snap detail I had growing up in the 1980s.

Sol Protect Top
Sol Protect Top

Although it is a standard fit, it does seem a little big (but not enough to go a size down).

I like the casual look and its soft material so much that it has become my unofficial weekend shirt for lounging around or doing chores out in the yard (yay, UPF 30+ protection!).

Good bye, traditional cotton long sleeved t-shirts, you’ve been replaced with something more functional and comfortable.

prAna’s Sol Protect Top is available in three colors: Heather Gray, Black, and Dark Sky.

Best Selling

Bottom line? prAna’s Sol series lives up to the hype. Its construction, style, and practicality make these multi-use tops a must-have for everyday wear.

The prAna Sol series has expanded to include a turtleneck, tank, hoodie, and top for Fall 2022.

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Kate Agathon – Dr. of Stoke

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Kate Agathon


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