Title 9 Cold Killer pants – High Output Winter Pants

Kate Agathon

Title 9 Cold Killer pants are flexible winter pants designed specifically for aerobic activity (hence, the lighter material in the back).
Title 9 Cold Killer pants
Title 9 Cold Killer pants

I recently tested them out while nordic skiing in Breckenridge where the high that day reached 14 degrees.


The interior softness of the shell material on the front felt nice and warm. A mile or so in while skiing a more difficult run, it got warm fast. At that moment, I definitely appreciated the strategically placed knit back that wicked away moisture like a boss.

Title 9 Cold Killer pants
Title 9 Cold Killer pants

Note that on a colder day, I’d recommend wearing baselayers underneath, because the front material is heavier and adequately battles wind, while the back is made of lighter material designed for breathability for aerobic activity.


Thanks in part to the rear-elasticized waist, they stayed in place the entire time (I didn’t need to use the internal infinite drawcord).


Although I was wearing a “short” size, the pants were still a tad too long (I am 5’0”), but it did not impede my skiing.


Other features:

  • Gusseted, reflective locking ankle zips

  • Zippered side pocket for valuables.

  • Straight, minimalist fit


I would wear these pants fat biking or snowshoeing (with a layer underneath), and will definitely reach for these for nordic skiing; which they are great for. Finally, I recommend wearing these with a longer top or jacket that covers your butt for extra warmth.

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