Duer Performance Denim Relaxed – Jeans that stretch more than your sweatpants

Duer jeans

Duer jeans

I am not a jean person. I live in active pants or shorts.

My wife hates this. I have yet to find a pair of jeans that I will wear, without cussing about the lack of freedom and movement. Enter DUER jeans. DUER seems to have gotten the memo that active people don’t like restrictive jeans. I am now a jeans person, as long as they are Duer!

Performance Denim

Performance Denim is one of the several jeans offered by DUER. In this review, I tested the relaxed fit as I have a fairly athletic build. This has usually been an issue trying to find jeans as well. They are either too tight for me to get into, or I wind up with a size or two bigger to accommodate the butt and hips. Either way, it is a no-win situation.

Duer jeans

Relaxed fit and stretch

Relaxed fit in DUER’s world means a tapered (slightly) hem and sits a couple of inches below the natural waist. The fit is very nice and the taper is not too significant, but noticeable. The Performance Denim L2x is 30% lighter than normal denim and is has COOLMAX is woven into the fabric for breathability. Spandex offers 5X the stretch of standard denim and Silvadur is added to keep things fresh.

Duer jeans

Does all this really make a jean that is comfortable and stylish?

Yes. The jeans meet my stringent demands of pants. The pant must not inhibit any form of movement or I will not wear it. You never know when you might need to demonstrate a deep squat or jump a fence! The pant must also pass the wife test. Meaning, I can leave the house wearing it without her being embarrassed. The DUER jeans passed both tests.

How I tested the jeans

To test the jeans out, I did a full workout in them. Deep squats, kettlebell swings, lunges, and Cossacks. I wore them to social engagements with other humans. Many compliments were received. People wondered were to get them and wondered how they could possibly stretch this much. DUER meets the needs of active people with a jean that truly moves with you, not against you. Well done Duer!

DUER Performance Denim Pants $128

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