Mountain Fitness School – Improve Backcountry Fitness for Skiing, Snowboarding and Hiking

Mountain Fitness Training Program - Kettlebells and TRX workout

Mountain Fitness School – Mountain Fitness Training

Improve Your Backcountry Fitness for Hiking, Skiing, Snowboarding, and Splitboarding Using Kettlebells and TRX

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About Mountain Fitness School

The Mountain Fitness Training Progam was created to help backcountry adventurers of all levels and sports improve their fitness in the mountains.  I worked on this program for years.  Taking courses through Strong First, TRX, IKFF, FMS, NSCA and studying the work of great researchers.  Applying the methods to myself first, then to the people I train.  The results started pouring in and the clients were seeing positive results.  A few tweaks here, a few there, and the end result is the Mountain Fitness Training program.

After training people for 10 years, I have seen different fitness fads and methods come and go.  Not to say they are bad, and this is better.  Some people just want to work out and feel the burn.  They have leg day, back day, arms day.  Good for them, if that is what they are after.  What I am after is improving endurance and strength to perform better on the skin track and enjoy more runs while splitboarding.  A nice side effect is improved motor control and reduced injury rate.

How does Mountain Fitness Training work?

The foundation of the program is based on moving well with full body exercises.  Recruiting as much effort as possible, in a short period of time, and allowing the body to recover adequately to perform more work. It is kind of counter-intuitive and goes against most of what you see in the gym and on tv.  It is not a normal HIIT program, nor is it a traditional strength program. It is a hybrid system that works very well at increasing endurance on a cellular level while increasing strength.

What equipment do you need for the program?

Some kettlebells area ideal.  Through in a TRX or monkii bar suspension trainer and you have all you need. There is even a bodyweight only version of the program.  So, you don’t need a lot of equipment.  You don’t even need that much space.  You can take the program to the park, backyard, basement, or even the mountains.

Mountain Fitness Training Program - Kettlebells and TRX workout

Does it work?

Yes, it works very well.  I would not offer something if it did not live up to the hype.  Here is some feedback from people who have gone through the program:

Michael Lordi

Why am I writing about this on Engearment?

Fitness and outdoor recreation go hand in hand.  As much as I (and all of us here at Engearment) love writing gear reviews and sharing the stoke on movies and technology, we are also athletes.  We train for our activities and we eat well.  Most of the time 🙂 We are all active adults, trying as best as we can to stay healthy so we can enjoy our outdoor passions.  That is why I created this program and that is why I am writing about it on

Mountain Fitness Training Kettlebells Online Course

As an added bonus – all the courses will be 40% off through 11/26. Just use code THANKSGIVING at checkout.

It is my way of saying “Thank You” for being loyal readers and supporters of Our goal here is to help you all learn more about gear, outside news, upcoming events and stoke your stoke.  If I can help you improve your quality of life with an online fitness school, then I am even more stoked!

There are 4 courses to choose from.  The whole course – with “how to” videos on kettlebells, TRX and bodyweight exercises, then there is a kettlebell version of that course.  Next, there is a stripped down version with no “how to” videos, just the workouts for kettlebell and kettlebell and TRX.

Click here to learn more – Mountain Fitness School

Mountain Fitness School Courses

Again, I want to thank you all for being awesome readers and such great people.  When I meet many of you in person and share smiles, stories, and hugs – it moves me.  YOU are why we created Engearment.

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