Spryng Fitness Recovery Wearable Compression Therapy For Your Legs

Spryng Compresion Recovery Sleeve

Spryng Fitness Recovery Wearable Compression Therapy For Your Legs

Featuring “WaveTech” pneumatic compression patterns that help you recover quickly.  I took these wearable recovery tools with me to the mountains to test them during an active month of splitboarding.

Spryng Compresion Recovery Sleeve

ready to compress

Easy to use

The Spryng recovery sleeves are intuitive to use.  Charge them up (micro USB charger included) and then strap them around your calf.  Each is labeled for the left and right leg, so you won’t get them confused.  I immediately put them to use after a day of splitboarding.  My wife used them after the first 15-minute session ended.  I used them again a few minutes later.

Spryng Compresion Recovery Sleeve

opened up


I like the idea of the compression patterns.  It mimics a massage and pushes the blood up the body, towards the heart.  This can help with recovery as it keeps blood from pooling in the lower legs.  I can see this also being of benefit for people who sit a lot.  The last thing you want is to have fluid pooling!  This can lead to edema, blood clots, and other medical problems.  Trust me, I have seen it in people I care about.  It is no beuno.  I am not going to claim that this is a medical device, but it does prove useful for circulating blood.  Plus, it feels good!

Spryng Fitness Recovery Wearable Compression Therapy For Your Legs 1


Extensive testing – Front Range Splitfest

The Spryng is lightweight and portable.  I took it on several trips to the mountains to test after some backcountry touring.  Being that it is USB rechargeable means that I could recharge it from a 10000 ma battery pack.  This also meant that I could share the recovery tool with friends!  And share we did 🙂 The Spryng made it’s way to the Front Range Splitfest for some additional testing on other users.  Everyone felt that the recovery tool was easy to use and worked well.

Spryng Compresion Recovery Sleeve


Other kinds of recovery tools

This portable set up is ideal for most people and proved easy to use and effective.  Other kinds of recovery tools would be lacrosse balls, foam rollers, percussive and vibration based therapy (see out our Hyperice Hypervolt review).  There are even cold water therapy systems too.  These are often part of recovery after surgery.  I have used them and enjoy them.  However, they have some cons – they are not portable, require AC power, water and ice to work.  I think the Spryng recovery tools offer a lot in portable and easy to use the system.

Available May 2019

This will be available through Kickstarter in May (looking like May 21).  Making it a great gift for Mothers or Fathers Day.  MSRP $249 but only $99 on the first day of the Kickstarter!  So mark your calendars and snag one at the lower price!

Spryng Fitness Recovery Wearable Compression Therapy For Your Legs 2


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