G3 Launches New Splitboard and Skins for 2019

G3 AXLE splitboard

G3 Launches New Splitboard, Ski and Ski Skins for 2019


G3 AXLE splitboard

G3 will be offering a new splitboard called AXLE

It has been a few years since G3 brought a new splitboard to market.  The AXLE looks like it was worth the weight.  Featuring mellow camber underfoot, to improve uphill climbing and build confidence on fast downhill pursuits.  The early rise nose and tail allow for more fun in the backcountry. Built with a bit thicker base to increase durability as well.  We will have the AXLE splitboard in our testing cue for next week.  Stay tuned for a detailed review!


G3 FINDr ski mouuntaineering


New G3 FINDr skis

The new FINDr ski is made in Canada and has ski mountaineering written all over them.  They reduced the weight by 20-70 grams on all skis and feature full carbon fiber construction and PU sidewalls to dampen the ride. Available in 3 sizes – 86, 94 and 105mm.

G3G3 FINDr ski mouuntaineering


G3 MINIMIST ski skins

G3 MINIMIST skins are lightest skins on the market! 30% lighter than other full feature skins.  Offered in three versions. MINIMIST Universal (built on the classic ALPINIST skin). MINIMIST Glide (70% mohair, 30% nylon). And MINIMIST Speed (100% mohair). They took the best of the Alpinist ski skins and made them better.

G3 MINIMIST ski skins


G3 ESCAPIST ski skins

Ease your skin set up with the new ESCAPIST skins.  The patented self-aligning steel hands work with any shape of ski. Making it easy to set up your skins for several differnent skis.


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