BlackStrap Civil Mask – From Snowboarding to Protection

BlackStrap Civil Mask

BlackStrap Civil Mask – From Snowboarding to Protection

BlackStrap makes some great headwear and sun protection.  Personally, I have been using their gear for backcountry splitboard missions for the last few years.  A month ago, they sent over a different kind of protective gear – a face mask. Made from upcycled and repurposed materials, and saving 90,000 lbs of wasted fabric! My wife and I have enjoyed the comfort and style of them while doing our best to stay safe during these unique times.  You can get one yourself here, and learn more about BlackStrap below:

BlackStrap Civil Mask

BlackStrap Civil Mask

An Introduction to BlackStrap

BlackStrap is the leading made-in-the-USA manufacturer of facemasks, base layers and accessories for winter sports, anglers and outdoor recreationists. Since its inception in 2008, 

BlackStrap’s mission has been to create high quality product in the US – from the fabrics they mill to the cut and sew and maintain the highest level of personal service to their retail partners that have kept their growth at specialty retail on an upward spike every year since the brand launched. 

BlackStrap’s USA-based manufacturing process includes the milling of various fabrics in New York State, multiple cut and sew facilities in California and Oregon, as well as their Bend, OR-based headquarters. The Bend headquarters houses all quality control, warehousing and distribution. Being founded and based in Bend OR has provided the best possible testing grounds for the development of quality performance outdoor gear.

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About the Products 

  • All BlackStrap products are machine washable and dryer friendly. Colors will not fade, crack or peel, and the size and fit will remain true when machine laundered accordingly.
  • The BlackStrap Winter line of facemasks, baselayers and headwear proudly protects the widest range of snow-sport enthusiasts in the most extreme conditions.
  • In 2016, BlackStrap released the Outdoor Line featuring USA made, lightweight UV protection accessories to enhance the experience of being in the outdoors. BlackStrap single layer facemasks, headwear, sleeves, and gloves protect anglers, boaters, bikers, hikers and climbers from the sun and other elements.  BlackStrap develops their products to set the industry standard in terms of performance, quality and sustainable domestic manufacturing.  
  • The Artist Series is a collaboration between BlackStrap and talented local artists. The Artist Series collection features prints and patterns on BlackStrap’s best-selling Dual Layer Tube. 
  • BlackStrap’s unique micro-pour composition sets them apart from the competition as it’s both perforated and breathable material. The products are designed to be on your skin, soaked in sweat and stink, exposed to the wettest and coldest environmental elements, machine-washed, machine-dried and reused over and over – all while maintaining their amazing performance. 
  • The use of sustainable ink is another differentiator – used in the fabric’s dye, water-based with zero environmental impact in production, application, or disposal. The source of BlackStrap’s UV ratings.
  • BlackStrap has an incredible collection for kids that are the exact same styles as the adults just in a smaller size, lower price point, and more playful prints and patterns. 
  • BlackStrap’s Waste-Zero initiative focuses on the environmental impacts associated with textile milling of fabric and the physical manufacturing of products. BlackStrap has dramatically minimized the waste fabric that would other wise wind up on the cutting room floor by building innovative products like the Civil Mask and Goggle Covers that protect the environment, your gear & your body when in the outdoors!

For more information about BlackStrap, visit  

BlackStrap Civil Mask - From Snowboarding to Protection 2

About BlackStrap

Headquartered in Bend, Oregon, BlackStrap is the leading domestic manufacturer of facemasks in the global snow sports market. All Blackstrap products are true products of the USA, meaning BlackStrap has full control over its supply chain. BlackStrap has set the industry standard for product quality and performance with unique fabric compositions and product design, as well as providing the highest level of service to the more that 1000+ retailer partners worldwide. For more information, visit

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