Dragon NFX2 Spyder Collab Goggles

Dragon NFX2 Spyder Collab Goggles 1

Dragon NFX2 Spyder Collab Goggles

Michael Clemente


Whether I’m looking out at the peaks from the lift, checking out the scenery while hiking up the skin track, or sliding down the mountain, one of the things I enjoy most when skiing or spending time in the mountains is the views. And whether in the resort or the backcountry, seeing clearly is so important when I’m deciding my ski line and looking at the terrain. Even in a matter of hours, it may be bright, and the sun is reflecting off the snow, or it can be overcast and snowy. Ideally, I want one pair of goggles that shine in all of these conditions. 

However, much like most ski gear, goggles are often pricey. And usually, by sacrificing cost, vision is slightly impaired as well. A good lens provides contrast and helps me see clearly. Good eyewear, and in this case, goggles, protect my eyes from the sun, wind, and snow. They also help me ski (or snowboard) better because I can easily see variances in the terrain. There is also the element of style, which frequently comes with a higher price tag.

Spyder’s collaboration with Dragon Eyewear address all the above; affordability, fantastic vision, and of course, style. 


Dragon NFX2 Spyder Collab Goggles 2

Years ago, when I first started skiing, my first deterrent to purchasing a decent pair of goggles was cost. Some ski shops had beautiful goggle displays that were enticing,. However, once I saw the price tags, I chose to cut costs. Like many others on a budget, I opted for more affordable alternatives (even sunglasses) as some pairs can cost upwards of $300+. The DX3 Spyder collaboration goggles start at a much more affordable $70. Not only do they look great, but they also offer some incredible functionality for the price. The Engearment Dr. Of Stoke, Kate Agathon, has been wearing a pair of those, and from what she’s mentioned, she has loved the fit and styling.

Dragon NFX2 Spyder Collab Goggles 3

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been wearing the NFX2, which sells for $200 and includes a bonus lens. An incredible value, especially considering the Lumalens performance and the Swiftlock lens-changing system. I found these two features offered better performance than competitors’ more expensive styles.

Dragon NFX2 Spyder Collab Goggles 4

Eyewear is a new venture for Spyder, but its history of functional and stylish outerwear is well-known in the ski world. So much so that they designed the Ski team outfits for the Beijing Olympics.  So as you might expect, they have also paid a great deal of attention to the style of these goggles. They look great.

If you’re in the market for a new ski outfit, your shades can even match up with the rest of your kit. By chance, the NFX2 pair I’ve been wearing matches my ski kit perfectly. Isn’t style important when you’re on the slopes? (Yes)

Just look how well these matched up for Alex and me.

Dragon NFX2 Spyder Collab Goggles 5

So, they look great, but how do they perform? Well, on my first day out wearing them, I had the pleasure of skiing in the morning with Slopestyle Olympic Gold medal athlete Alex Hall. Alex influenced the initial design of these googles and the collaboration with Spyder. It was bright and sunny, and without having to squint at all, I could see the tops of the lifts at Breckenridge from Copper. And in the other direction, I was scoping out the backcountry terrain on Vail pass.

That afternoon, a storm rolled in, it became overcast and gloomy. And the visibility through Dragon’s Lumalens was fantastic. Even in these variable conditions, I didn’t have to switch lenses. However, if I wanted to, and with Dragon’s Swiftlock Lens Changing System, it’s a simple task between laps on the lift. A low-light lens is included with the NFX2, and I can switch lenses in under 30 seconds.

The DX3 pair is also designed with OTG (Over-The-Glass) design if you plan to wear glasses under your goggles. They come in 2 cool colors and are a great bet that won’t break the bank at only $70. They were even the preferred pair that Alex Hall wears and Kate has been sporting.

Everything just looked better with them on, both in terms of style and visibility. And Dragon’s Lumalens tech shines in a variety of conditions. I’ve now been enjoying the mountain views through them for the past few weeks. Quite a few people have complimented how good they look and how they match my outfit. In short, Spyder’s classic, stylish design collaborating with Dragon’s amazing Lumalens tech, the two make a great pair. 

Michael Clemente

Michael loves to ski. No, seriously,  Michael loves to ski. Let’s qualify this.

Michael Clemente

Michael Clemente

Growing up on the East Coast he found NYC and DJ culture. While working for a massive tech company during the day he played and mixed electronic music at night. Somewhere amid this excess, he found skiing. It was enough to inspire a transfer to Denver. And, after driving over Loveland Pass on his way to ski at Arapahoe Basin for the first time, he realized how good his decision was. He also took up yoga.

Michael Clemente

60lbs lighter and tons of fun later he recognized how skiing had started him on a journey. He gave up the corporate job, bought a truck and a multi-resort ski pass and took off. #trucklife is like #vanlife only smaller and more frugal. A winter touring the US, Canada, and AK was inspiring. But, he wanted to be home in Colorado, so he moved to Summit County and started working in Outdoor Retail.

Did you guess you can find him skiing in the winter? Backcountry or resort its all good. In the summer he is thinking of skiing, riding a mountain bike, or hiking in the mountains.

You can find out more about his trip skiing 22 resorts or some of his other adventures at www.othersidemtn.com or Instagram @michaelclemente

Michael Clemente

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