Julbo Aerospeed Reactiv Sunglasses

I’ve long been a fan of Julbo glasses and have owned the Vermonts and the Bivouac frames. For the last few months, I’ve been wearing the aerospeed model with the reactiv lenses. I am ecstatic to be writing this review as this has been my favorite piece of gear to date!

Julbo Aerospeed Reactive Sunglasses

Recently I was hiking into glacier gorge in Rocky Mountain National Park we started the approach at 4 am and it was dark out. I was able to put my glasses on at the trailhead even though it was dark out because they were clear. As the sun came up they began to darken and protect my eyes without me even thinking about it. Julbo has been nailing it when it comes to their different adaptive lenses. I was able to wear them all day without ever taking them off, they are lightweight and I have yet to experience any discomfort in the fit.

Julbo Aerospeed Reactivating Sunglasses
Julbo Aerospeed Reactive Sunglasses

I’ve been using these glasses splitboarding, climbing, and biking. Wearing them every day. One of the things I would say they could improve on is a range from 0-4 darkness instead of 0-3. The only other improvement I can see would be to design a lens that adapts well through a windshield. As many of you know Julbo quality is high and I expect these to last a long time. If your looking for an all-around pair of glasses they can function well in a variety of environments I would suggest giving the aerospeed from Julbo a try! Grab a pair for $209


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