K2 Adds a Plus and Much More to the Maysis Snowboard Boots

K2 Adds a Plus and Much More to the Maysis Snowboard Boots 1

The K2 Maysis has been the top selling snowboard boot for K2 for years – for many a good reason. We love them and use them as the bar for all other boots. So what is this + all about? Is it really that much better than the regular Maysis? Read on to find out what makes the K2 Maysis Plus better than the original!

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First, the Maysis+ is a step up from the base Maysis. Its made of leather, which is always nice. We believe this will increase durability. Plus it looks pretty awesome. The boots still feature the double BOA system we have come to love, but they improve on it by adding 3 levels of adjustability for the bottom half of the boot. This is great as it’s not always easy to dial in a fit with just one BOA for both top and bottom of the boot. The rider chooses how much tightness they would like by taking the cable and looping it around one of three notches. You can have tight, medium and loose. Then as the rider uses the main BOA it tightens the top half as well as slightly tightens the bottom, thus creating a nice independent adjustment. Very nice!


They keep the inner BOA that is used to dial in the heel hold (Conda system) that works very well. You can adjust were the Conda attaches to the boot tongue, so lots of options on how to best fit the user.

[/column]K2 changes up the sole to a nice Vibram V4 outsole, with Marshmallow underfoot as well. This allows for good cushioning as well as great grip. We used them for splitboarding and they had no problem scrambling around rocks and ice.


The Maysis+ also features Endo tech – essentially an exoskeleton that allows the boot to retain its flex over a longer period of time. We can attest to the Endo construction and its durability.


All these features add up to what we consider our favorite boot. This boot is great for any rider looking for a mid-stiff (they rate it at 8 out of 10) boot that will perform well and last a long time.


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