Moonbikes – The Worlds First 100% Electric Snow Bike – So Fun

Pow day with Moonbikes -

Moonbikes – The Worlds First 100% Electric Snow Bike – So Fun


We tested the world’s first electric snow bike – Moonbikes – for a second time. Learn how the Moonbikes work, who they are for, and how much fun we had on them!


Moonbikes - The Worlds First 100% Electric Snow Bike - So Fun 1MoonBikes | 100% Electric Snowbike | Ultralight electric Snow bike | EV Snowbike

Earlier this year, we had a chance to test the Moonbikes on Vail Pass in tons of powder.  It was honestly the most fun I have had on snow in decades (and I love snowboarding! – heck, I wrote the book on backcountry snowboarding!) So that is saying A LOT!

I spent hours on the electric snow bike, whipping through stashes of powder, banking turns like a dirt bike, and going UPHILL at speed in powder.  Something I have never experienced before.  Sure, I often spend hours going uphill while splitboard touring, but not very quickly LOL.

Pow day with Moonbikes -

Pow day with Moonbikes –

For round two of testing, I grabbed fellow Engearment Teamates – Devan Michael, Yoseph Lakein and Wil Rickards to get their experiences on the electric snow bikes. They all had a great time on the snow bikes and put together the video above.  Interviewing the company, providing real-time feedback while on the snow bikes, and some drone footage of them having fun.

Spring Day with Moonbikes and Engearment testers Devan Michael, Joey Lakein and Wil Rickards lined up

Spring Day with Moonbikes and Engearment testers Devan Michael, Joey Lakein, and Wil Rickards lined up

How long does the battery last?

Up to 3hr.  We found that 1.5-2hr of all-out gunning it was realistic.

How much weight can the Moonbikes handle?

264 lbs with the rider.  For example, you can have a 200lb rider and tow 64 lbs.

How much does a Moonbikes cost?


How fast can Moonbikes go?

Up to 26MPH

What are the dimensions?

88″ long, 28″ wide with a 10″ track

Moonbikes - lined up for testing -

lined up for testing –

How fun are the Moonbikes??

FUN! As I stated in our earlier testing with the electric snow bikes, these are very fun to use.  There is a little learning curve if you have not ridden dirt bikes or snowmobiles before.  But after a few minutes, you get a good feel for handling the bike and making turns.

The ability to carry additional gear, either on the bike or behind the bike, is a big plus for a lot of users.  Think hut trips, ice fishing, and deeper backcountry ski runs.

The cost is relative to other mechanized snow devices. The average price of a snowmobile is $13,500, and it can cost much more than that.  There is also the cost of fuel and maintenance for those devices as well.  The Moonbikes are around $9000, so they seem pretty appealing.

Moonbikes - The Worlds First 100% Electric Snow Bike - So Fun 2

With the added bonus of being an electric vehicle, this would appeal to those who are environmentally conscious and or want a device that does not require fuel.  I like that there are no fumes and the bikes are quiet.  This is a very nice bonus as you feel more connected with nature.  And you don’t have to smell like fuel and exhaust.

There are plenty of reasons to like electric snow bikes, but they may not be perfect for every use case.  Snowmobiles can be a better fit for some users.  But these are a great tool for those of us looking for a fun device to recreate and/or transport gear – while being quiet, lighter weight, and eco-friendly.  I can imagine these being used by people with mountain homes and solar setups.  Keeping these on their property and ready to use for recreation and/or running errands like retrieving mail or visiting neighbors.


Bottom line – these are a fun tool for the right person.  The Engearment Team had a blast testing these out and cant wait to get back on them.  We will have more detailed coverage as we test them more over the year in more conditions.

Pow day with Moonbikes -

Pow Day with Moonbikes –

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