RepYourWater Sun Hoodie

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RepYourWater Sun Hoodie

Michael Clemente

RepYourWater – A local Colorado company committed to conservation, and a bit about my favorite sun hoodies

Let me begin by sharing what excites me most about this company: it’s their values. 

I like to vote with my wallet and purchase from companies that care about the same things that I do and want to give back. It excites me even more if they are local, and, finally, they need to make awesome products. 

RepYourWater demonstrates all of these. A few years ago, my friends introduced me to fly fishing here in Colorado, and it’s become one of my favorite reasons to get out on the river or lake, especially in the summer months.

I then became more familiar with RepYourWater a few years ago when I saw their partnership with Meier Skis (they look awesome, and I’ll get to their artwork in a bit).

RepYourWater has committed to putting money back into multiple conservation efforts which keep our waters clean and healthy and work to address climate issues. After all, fish and rivers are a critical part of our ecosystem. They have an ambitious goal to donate $500k to partners supporting these efforts by 2025, and they are currently on track, having contributed $430k since 2011. At least 1% of their sales go to these kinds of local organizations, likely even more.

RepYourWater Sun Hoodie 2

They’re also a small business with just a few employees; as such, you will find the founders, Garrison and Corrine, prepping shipments or sublimating the designs onto shirts in their warehouse space in Erie, Colorado. I admire this.

All of their clothes and gear are fishing-inspired and will definitely look good out on the river, but it’s equally functional out on a hike, camping trip, or, as it has been for me this summer, on a walk around town. The artwork is all done by Garrison, and you might even find him at fishing-related events around the state painting his latest catch (follow on IG to check this).

Earlier this summer, I was lucky enough to meet with Garrison and Corrine Doctor. (I’ll share why in a moment.) I picked up a couple of their Merino blend sun hoodies at the time, and I’ve worn them for much of the summer since. The lightweight wool blend is incredibly comfortable and perfect for protecting me from the sun during various activities, including hiking, rafting, camping, and fishing.

There is often a misconception that wool is warm and sure, it is when it is meant to be; however, merino is temperature-regulating, dries quickly, and with a lightweight shirt like this, it will stay dry and keep me cool and protected from the sun during a hot day. Sun shirts like this are a necessity in the Colorado mountains, and the merino/synthetic blend in the RepYourWater hoodies is a favorite for me.

RepYourWater Sun Hoodie 3

However, it is not only the function of the hoody that I love. Knowing that its purchase supports conservation partners makes me feel good. Also, seeing the artwork being sublimated at their location and knowing that Garrison has an intention with all of the designs is inspiring.

Being small, they can change the artwork up and make it relevant. Garrison designs and draws it all himself, aligning it with the causes they are supporting. The same designs can be seen across their entire lineup of products. So yes, all their products perform as well as the hoodies, be it socks, hats, or belts, and the artwork stands out on all of them. 

Lastly, why did I get to go to the factory? Well, I was blessed to win one of their Instagram giveaways. Yes, people ACTUALLY DO WIN THOSE! This is how I was lucky enough to meet up with them and what is sending me on the fishing trip of a lifetime later this month.

However, I want to be clear that this post is not sponsored by them; they didn’t ask me to write it, and I would be sharing my enthusiasm about their products regardless. SO, I’d encourage you to definitely check them out and consider where your next gear purchase is giving back to.

P.S. – follow the brands you love and support them on social media; you never know if you might win the next giveaway 🙂


Michael Clemente

Michael loves to ski. No, seriously,  Michael loves to ski. Let’s qualify this.

Michael Clemente

Michael Clemente

Growing up on the East Coast he found NYC and DJ culture. While working for a massive tech company during the day he played and mixed electronic music at night. Somewhere amid this excess, he found skiing. It was enough to inspire a transfer to Denver. And, after driving over Loveland Pass on his way to ski at Arapahoe Basin for the first time, he realized how good his decision was. He also took up yoga.

Michael Clemente

60lbs lighter and tons of fun later he recognized how skiing had started him on a journey. He gave up the corporate job, bought a truck and a multi-resort ski pass and took off. #trucklife is like #vanlife only smaller and more frugal. A winter touring the US, Canada, and AK was inspiring. But, he wanted to be home in Colorado, so he moved to Summit County and started working in Outdoor Retail.

Did you guess you can find him skiing in the winter? Backcountry or resort its all good. In the summer he is thinking of skiing, riding a mountain bike, or hiking in the mountains.

You can find out more about his trip skiing 22 resorts or some of his other adventures at or Instagram @michaelclemente

Michael Clemente

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