Seeing a Difference with Svan Can See® Anti-Fog Gel

Who likes dealing with foggy sunglasses or goggles? when Sven Can See® came out to Outdoor Retailer Winter Market, I had to see for myself whether their Anti-Fog Gel would give me clear visibility.

The first day I applied the Sven Can See® anti-fog gel to my sunglasses, I noticed a big difference. Before I was constantly adjusting my sunglasses, hat, or clothes to allow for more venting. Post-application, I didn’t have to deal with my sunglasses fogging up.


After my experience with the sunglasses, I applied the Sven Can See® anti-fog gel to my goggles, but I forgot to follow instructions and make sure my goggles were clean! I did notice a difference the first day despite my errors, but after reapplying it correctly it was a game changer.

Be sure to clean and dry your lens (indoors preferably) first then buff it out after applying the anti-fog gel! Follow the instructions here! On the days I didn’t clean my lens beforehand, I noticed a difference in the performance of the anti-fog gel.

It really comes down to maintenance and I’ve noticed the lens applicator becoming a part of my pre-tour routine. After all, I can’t necessarily afford to lose time dealing with the consequences of a fast pace on the skin track.

Sven Can See Anti-Fog Gel

Why Sven Can See® Anti-Fog Gel?

What’s so special about the Sven Can See® anti-fog gel? It’s safe for kids, has no alcohol or fumes, biodegradable and safe for all types of lens including anti-reflective lens and prescription lenses. Each spray is good for 40 applications and comes with a clean dry cloth for buffing out.

The Sven Can See® anti-fog gel isn’t just for winter recreation, but rather for anyone who deals with foggy sunglasses in everyday conditions. Work in extremely cold environments? Check out the Anti-Fog/Frost Xtreme Cold Spray. 

Sven Can See® Anti-Fog Gel is available for only $10.95 with free shipping!

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