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Kate Agathon

Hot Girl Summer may be over, but Hot Tub Ski Season is on its way.

For me, there’s nothing better than soaking in a hot tub or hot springs in the frigid winter air after a day of skiing. In fact, I wear swimsuits more in the winter than I do in the summer.

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My criteria

As someone who is deep into middle age, it has been a challenge to find a swimsuit that provides coverage in the right places and falls someplace in between the two extremes of  available swimsuits for someone in their 20s and a swimsuit for someone in their senior years.

In other words, I don’t want to be completely covered up, but I don’t want to be spilling out either. I prefer wearing bikinis over one-piece swimsuits or tankinis to wear in hot tubs. They just feel more comfortable.

Additionally, while I regularly do a lot of recreational activities like cycling and hiking, I’m not chiseled or anything like a super athlete. Is there a swimsuit out there for someone like me?

The answer is yes. Thankfully, Title Nine has plenty of options.

After reading swimsuit reviews of its customers whose ages vary greatly, I was assured that  Title Nine is the right place to look for a swimsuit for Hot Tub Ski Season.

Recently, I compared the Title Nine Set It and Forget It bikini top paired with the Title Nine Naiad bikini bottom with the Title Nine Better 2.0 bikini top with the Title Nine Holy Grail bikini bottom.

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Set It and Forget It top and Naiad bottom

Let’s talk about the first set.

Despite having two places to tie instead of one, the Set It and Forget It bikini top is my favorite of the two in terms of the way it enhances my bust, the ease in which I can take them on and off, and overall comfort.  I also like how I can adjust the ties to my comfort level.

Furthermore, I was happy to see that the plunge bikini top stayed in place, even with the hot tub settings on high jet. No more fidgeting or adjusting!

I went with what the website suggested and wore the Set It and Forget It bikini top with the Naiad bikini bottoms. Despite being low rise, the Naiad bikini bottoms provided sufficient coverage in the front and rear.

What I liked most about them, however, were the double banded edges. I could slip my fingers in between the bands and it made taking off a wet, clingy, bikini bottom a breeze.

Bottom line? The Set It and Forget It bikini top is a winner for looks, practicality and comfort. Meanwhile, the Naiad bikini bottoms are both functional and stylish because of the double banded accents.

Better 2.0 top and Holy Grail bottom

On to the next set that I tested: the Better 2.0 bikini top and the Holy Grail bikini bottom.

The Better 2.0 bikini top provides more coverage along the chest and underarms. The X back with wide straps and hook closure keep the top firmly in place without chafing.

While it isn’t as easy to take on and off as the Set It and Forget It bikini top, I was impressed with the coverage it provided and I liked the look of the X back.

Finally, the Better 2.0 bikini top does offer a plunge neckline so you can show a bit of cleavage without spilling out.

The Holy Grail bikini bottom’s ruched panels add a touch of style while cleverly concealing bumps and lumps. Like the Naiad, they were also low rise and provided decent coverage. They stayed in place and didn’t bunch up.

In hindsight, I probably should have gone for the Lehua bikini bottom because it features a mid rise waist. I overlooked it because it didn’t have the style details of either the Naiad or the Holy Grail bikini bottoms. Either way, I was satisfied with both pairs of bikini bottoms that I tried.

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The final word is that the Better 2.0 bikini top is suited for those who want a bit of style without sacrificing coverage, while the Holy Grail bikini offers just the right amount of pizzazz with its ruching details.

Both Title Nine bikini sets are appropriate for middle aged women such as myself to go hot tubbing this ski season. They offer just the right amount of sexiness and funcationality without going overboard in either direction. I’m absolutely looking forward to Hot Tub Ski Season!

Size changes

If you haven’t purchased a new swimsuit in several years, I’d advise trying out new sizes. You might be as surprised as I was.

What compelled me to seek a new swim suit was that I was soaking in the hot tub the other night soaking after a long bike ride, and I noticed that what I owned didn’t feel or look good or comfortable.

Then I realized it had been several years since I had originally purchased a swimsuit; more importantly before my body began to succumb to gravity and middle age.

My bikini top was a size small. I found out that I now require a size large (I honestly hadn’t thought of my bra or bikini top size changing as I got older). Meanwhile, my swim bottom size (M) remained the same.

I haven’t worn the same bikini top and bottom size since I was in high school. If you’re unsure of what type of swimsuit you need, Title Nine has a handy guide to help you make the right selection.

In the past, looking for a new swimsuit during non-summer months was a challenge because there weren’t any to be found in local stores and not many options were available online.

Fortunately, that’s no longer the case. Title Nine has a variety of swim bottoms and tops to select from in multiple sizes, colors and styles and constructed from fabric that protects from UPF 35 to UPF 50.

Now is the time to not only upgrade and replace traditional winter gear (i.e. ski pants), but also your swimsuit if you anticipate plenty of days of apres ski hot tubbing.


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