Karakoram Prime Interface 2.0 and Light Ride – Improved Splitboard Interface

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Karakoram took the Prime interface and found a few ways to improve upon it.  The Interface 2.0 is an update to the stock system in several ways.  The Light Ride is a custom built ultralight set up for the most discerning splitboarder.  Both are excellent and in this review, we will go over the updates and differences.

Prime Interface 2.0 – New Stock Interface

The previous Prime interface was great.  It was basically two metal plates with a multitude of adjustment options.  The Prime splitboard bindings would plop down, on top of the interface, and lock into place.  Called “active joining technology”.  This created a great board feel and a secure connection.  If there was an opportunity, it was that snow and ice could build up on the interface and slow transition times down a bit.  It was never a deal breaker, but it was something Karakoram looked to improve on.  Enter Prime Interface 2.0!

The new interface is self-cleaning.  Meaning, it discharges snow and ice as you line the two splitboard halves together.  This is a really great idea and works well.  The new system also has a little more adjustability than the previous one.  I felt that I could really dial in the exact angles and placements for each binding very well.  The new Prime Interface 2.0 also comes with the updated heel risers (Dual Speed Risers).  The heel risers are easy to use and more durable than previous generations.  Simply slide the basket of your trekking pole under the bracket and pop it up to low or high position. You can pick up a set for $230 here.

Light Ride Interface

If you are looking to save every ounce possible, or just want the most barebones system, the Light Ride is for you.  Shaving 100 grams off the other interface and keeping parts to a bare minimum.  You will need to make sure you pick out either the goofy or regular set up when ordering.  I asked the team to make a goofy set up for me to test out.  It really is a piece of machining art.  I appreciate the simplicity of the Light Rise Interface.  At MSRP $350, it may not be for everyone, but for those who know, they know :).  MSRP $350

Karakoram interface 2.0 and light ride_001

Reviews of the Prime Interface 2.0 and Light Ride

I feel that the new Prime Interface will be greatly appreciated by all riders.  It clears snow and ice, it is easy to set up, it feels great when riding and looks good.  It will be stock with all 2018 – 2019 Karakoram splitboard bindings.  I think it will be well received and cover everyone’s needs. The Light Ride is not necessary for a good splitboard experience, but they sure are awesome!  You can always upgrade to these down the road ($250 for ride mode only).  I think sticking with the new 2.0 interface is more than sufficient for anyone looking at the Karakoram bindings.  The feel is amazing and I am sure they will not let you down.  If you really want to save 3.5 ounces and have a minimalist setup, then pony up for the Light Rides and enjoy!

Karakoram interface 2.0 and light ride_001

Enjoying the new Ride Mode 2.0 – pic Aaron Rose


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