Kulkea Thermal Trekker – The Ultimate Heated Boot Bag


The Kulkea Thermal Trekker heated ski boot bag is more than just a boot bag. The design is top-notch and it has more useful features than any other boot bag I have seen. Besides having two side pockets to carry (and heat!) your boots, the Trekker has several storage options to keep you organized on the drive, or flight, to the mountains. Let’s delve into the Thermal Trekker.

Kulkea Thermal Trekker

Kulkea Thermal Trekker Features

The first thing you will notice is the high build quality. The zippers are smooth and never snag. The handles feel like they could carry a boat. The layout is well engineered. This makes the Thermal Trekker very easy to use and easy to travel with.

The main feature is the 3 stage heating unit. This can be powered via a 12-volt car charger or wall charger. This feature alone is worth it. Warm boots are not only more comfortable, but they also perform better. The Kulkea Thermal Trekker has 3 heat settings. I found the low setting to be sufficient for my needs, but I am a snowboarder and my boots are much softer than ski boots. That is right, you can fit snowboard boots in the Trekker. Very cool. Or warm. You decide!

Besides the heating ability, the Thermal Trekker storage capacity is remarkable. There is a storable helmet sling that I used often. There is a sizable main compartment capable of storing a jacket, pants, socks, gloves, etc. A fleece-lined goggle pocket to keep the lens from getting scratched. Front pocket for food and water. Top pocket for small items like an action camera and wallet. Backpack straps that are actually useful and comfortable as well as removable for flight.

Not just for skiers!

I am a snowboarder, well actually a Splitboarder. So the boots I use are definitely on the firm side of snowboard boots. I use the Thirty Two Jones MTB boot usually. It is one of, if not the most, stiff boots out there. So being able to warm the boot up on the way to my favorite backcountry spot was a major bonus.

The Kulkea Thermal Trekker saw a season of use and did not let me down. From frigid day trips to the Colorado mountains to extended snowboard trips, the Thermal Trekker performed better than any boot bag I have used before. Not just for skiers either. I was able to easily fit my size 11.5 snowboard boots in the bag with ease. If a well-organized boot bag that has a legit built-in heater is on your wish list, the Thermal Trekker is your boot bag! MSRP $229

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