Julbo Aerospace Goggles

Julbo Aerospace

Julbo made a goggle specifically for the needs of backcountry ski and splitboarders! The Julbo Aerospace (and Airflux) goggles are designed using Julbo’s proprietary “SuperFlow” system that dumps heat and moisture off the lenses and keeps them fog free. There have been several anti-fog systems that have come to the market over the last few years, but this one has some distinct advantages that we think are pretty awesome.

The SuperFlow system is simple and effective. There are 4 points of contact that allow the lens to “pop” off the frame – creating airflow in all directions. Does it work? Heck yes, it works! We spent many days touring in the Colorado backcountry testing the Aerospace goggles out. Let it be known that I even fog up sunglasses – so not fogging up goggles is pretty amazing. For the first time, I was able to wear goggles on multiple laps. It was pretty awesome! So – the SuperFlow system is effective and easy to use. Plus, you don’t need to use batteries or have extra weight of a fan or heater element. Big plus.

Something that we need to talk about is the NXT lenses. Julbo has great optics and these lenses are nothing short of amazing. We tested out the Zebra Light Red Photochromatic lenses and found them to be effective in sunny conditions, overcast and snow storms. There are 3 other lenses to choose from in the lineup as well. The Zebra Light Red was good for cat 1-3 (17-75% VLT) and the red tint is supposed to accentuate terrain relief. That was very helpful in the backcountry when you are skiing in variable conditions and in areas that are new to you.


Fit wise, the Aerospace goggles are comfortable and did not bind down on my nose (something that I find with other brands). There was no gaper gap when using the goggles with Smith and Sweet Protection helmets. These seem to be the best backcountry goggle yet! MSRP $240

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