Looking for a pair of ski goggles that can adjust to the provide the best optics in any condition?

Zeal Portal Goggles with Automatic Plus Lenses

Personally, I am a big fan of photochromatic goggles. They adjust to fit the conditions and provide great visibility in all weather. Is there anything better than that? Yes, there is. Polarized lenses. The Zeal Portal goggles with Automatic Plus lenses combine photochromatic, polarized lenses with the ability to swap out for other lenses using their RLS system.

Zeal Portal – One Lens for All

Photochromatic lenses make sure you are going to see well whether the weather is good or bad. Often the visibility can change in any given day, so having lenses that can change with that is ideal. The Automatic Plus have you covered in that regard. Add in the fact that the lenses are also polarized and you have your vision perfected. Polarized lenses are helpful for seeing detail in flat light and reducing glare.

The Portal also features the RLS quick swap system. Zeal sends you two lenses with these goggles. In case you need to change our a lease for another one. The RLS system is a snap to use. I did not feel the need to swap out the lens even though the conditions changed from sunny to stormy in a matter of minutes. The additional lens provided would be great for very low light conditions (Sky Blue Mirror lens).

Zeal Portal Goggles with Automatic Plus Lenses

The fit and feel of the Portal are excellent. I often have a bit of pressure on my nose from larger style goggles but these did not bother me. The larger spherical lenses provide an unobstructed field of view. The lenses are also coated with an anti-fog treatment that seems to work well.


The Zeal Portal Goggles are premium goggles that perform in all conditions. They’re expensive, at $270.  If you like the shape but not the price, you can get them polarized only for $230 or without any of the extras for $170.



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