Zeal Divide – Awesome Sunglasses Made From Grass

The Zeal Divide sunglasses are not only good looking and stylish, they are made from recycled materials and grass. Yes, See Grass as Zeal calls it! The science and method behind making this is really impressive.  So are the optics!

Zeal Divide

Zeal Divide

See Grass

What is See Grass?  No, it is not grass from the sea LOL.  It is a combination of grass fibers and recycled plastic bottles.  Not only Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  But its Reuse, Regrow, Reimagine as Zeal says.  I can get behind all of that! But does that material actually function and look good?  Yes, it does! I found the Divide sunglasses to be very lightweight and comfortable.


High Quality, Made in Italy

The Zeal Divide is made in Italy, so you know the build quality is good. This justifies the price of $169 for these. I would put them up there with any other high-end sunglasses that we have tested.  And there are a lot of good ones we have tested.

These are good looking and stylish sunglasses for sure.  At home on the trail or city. My wife likes the way they look, so they get her approval too 🙂

Zeal Divide - Awesome Sunglasses Made From Grass 1Shop DIVIDE (Z1838) Sunglasses by Zeal | Zeal Optics


Good optics

To me, how the sunglasses actually look from my eyes to the world is the most important part.  As you can see in the pic, the Blue Horizon provides a nice look.  It is a copper-based tint with a blue mirror finish.  Plus, they are polarized.  If you spend any time on the water, whether that is liquid or snow, I recommend going with polarized lenses.

Zeal Divide

Zeal Divide


I have a medium size head and the Divide fit me very well.  They have a large coverage area that should fit a wide variety of people.  Add that the shades have a bit of flex to them as well as rubber areas to keep them on your head when exercising.  Something that I think is very important!

Zeal Divide Specs

Zeal Divide Sunglasses Review

If you are looking for the most eco-friendly and sustainable sunglasses and also want a great look to them, then the Zeal Divide are a winner.  Not only do they check the boxes for being an eco-friendly product, but they also look good and function in the ways that I hoped they would.

I have tested a few goggles for Zeal – see our review of the Portal here, but this is the first time trying their shades.  I am impressed.

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