Engearment Podcast with Sean Sewell – Michael “Doc” Hartle CSCS, CCSP Master SFG Instructor

Michael “Doc” Hartle is a legend in the strength training community. I met him at the StrongFirst SFG1 certification in 2019 and then took the SFL a few months later with him. He is a wealth of knowledge and has a great sense of humor.  You may even find him humerus (inside joke for StrongFirst family!)

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Michael “Doc” Hartle

Doc has played semi-pro football and enjoys applying his strength to a multitude of endeavors. He also runs a chiropractic clinic – Allen County Family & Sports Chiropractic.  Celebrating 24 years in business!

He leads up the SFL (StrongFirst Lifter) certification and has written several helpful articles.  You can read those articles here

You can learn more about the SFL certification here.

Learn more about Doc on Instagram

Learn more about his practice on Instagram

The books we chat about in the podcast are here:

Daily Stoic

Rehabilitation of the Spine

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