Pat Flynn on Fitness for Time and His New Book – How To Think About God

Engearment Podcast with Sean Sewell – Pat Flynn on Fitness for Time and his New Book – How to Think About God

Pat Flynn joins us for another fun conversation covering Dan John’s 30/30 for 30 fitness program, teaching an adult new things, how he got started with kettlebells (also the youngest person to pass the RKC at the time!) and of course – we get deep into philosophy, theology and his new book (available for $1 in the link below!) – How to Think About God.

Always a pleasure to chat with my friend, Pat.  Stay tuned for some more conversations with him and Aleks Salkin!

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  1. Keith Raile

    Just finished watching, listening to your podcast. I really enjoyed it. A wide range of topics which is stimulating. One question: You mentioned the fitness watch you wear but I didn’t catch the exact name. Could you share that with me?
    Gracias mi amigo,

    • Sean Sewell

      Hello Keith! Thank you for checking out the podcast. Pat is such a joy to chat with! The watch I am talking about in the show is the Apple Watch 5. There is a built in heart rate monitor function as well as HRV apps to track that. It is very cool. Take care my friend – Sean Sewell


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