StrongFirst Teachers of Strength. Pavel, Brett Jones, Beacon Bash Update

I had the amazing opportunity to work with Pavel, Brett Jones, Fabio, Analisa Naldi, Yoana Teran, and Doc Hartle this last weekend for the StrongFirst Teachers of Strength meeting and the Programming Demystified Seminar.  I got to provide the audio and video for the international event and host the Zoom meeting with over 100 students all around the world! Quite an honor!

StrongFirst Teachers of Strength 2023
StrongFirst Teachers of Strength 2023


Pavel then handed me his newest book – Kettlebell Axe.

Beacon Bash – I just had a meeting with Gore-Tex, MSR, Thermarest, Gregory Backpacks and some other awesome brands that are going to offering some really nice raffle prizes for the upcoming Beacon Bash at Winter Park (12/2/23).

Beacon Bash –

Lots to cover!

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