KEEN SOLR Sandal – Sea, Ocean, Land or River

The KEEN SOLR Sandal $110 (on sale for $82) is at home in the water and on land.  I really enjoyed these for hiking around this summer in all kinds of conditions, wet or dry!  From rafting and tubing to hot summer day hikes.



Great sandals for water

Clearly, these are great sandals for use in the water.  Think rafting, kayaking, beaches, and all that.   The SOLR was a great choice for lazy river tubing and kayaking.  They were also great for rainy day dog walks.

Great sandals for land too

These also make great hot weather shoes. I used these to keep my feet cool while traipsing around Ohio in temps of 95 and almost equal humidity.  As a Colorado native, I don’t appreciate humidity, so anything I can do to stay, cool is good with me!

Good looking

KEEN is known for their large, protective toe box.  It is a trademark of their sandals.  It does a great job of keeping toes protected and I can appreciate that.  However, I find it a bit obtrusive and ugly.  The SOLR Sandal has a very functional toe cap AND looks good!  I am very happy with the lower profile toe cap on this sandal.

KEEN SOLR Sandal - Sea, Ocean, Land or River 1Men's SOLR Sandal


The toe cap did a great job of keeping my toes from being scratched up when I went creek jumping in the alpine.  As you can see in the review video, there are several beautiful streams in our mountains.  With the day time temps in the 70s and 80s, it is nice to get my feet wet in the creeks while exploring the mountains.  I don’t always want to wear waterproof shoes when these conditions exist.

KEEN SOLR Sandal toe box

KEEN SOLR Sandal toe box

Recycled materials

KEEN is very good at using recycled materials in their shoes and sandals.  They use materials made from recycled plastic bottles in the webbing of these sandals.  Very cool!

Great grip

This is probably the best grip of any sandal I have tested so far.  There are sipened areas under the heel and toes that do a great job of gripping when wet.  The lugs are also good enough for hiking around in.  No, this is not a burly Vibram sole, but it has no issue with keeping a good grip.

KEEN SOLR Sandal traction

KEEN SOLR Sandal traction

Review of KEEN SOLR Sandal

I have tested many KEEN boots, shoes, and sandals over the years.  You can see some of them here.  The SOLR has become my favorite yet!  My wife even has a pair and she loves them as well.  If you are in the market for a water shoe or sandal, the KEEN SOLR should be at the top of your list! Get some on sale here


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