Together mountainFLOW eco-wax and Meteorite PR will provide a simple and eco-friendly way to improve the ski/snowboard experience

Carbondale, CO ( July 31, 2019 ) –

mountainFLOW eco-wax, the leader in plant-based ski wax, has partnered with MeteoritePR to lead Global communication efforts. Together as skiers, wood-choppers, double daffy-ers, mountain bikers, skin track solitude seekers, rodeo fans, campers, figure eight-ers, and rafters, MountainFlow eco wax has selected Meteorite PR as their agency of record to share their vision of eco-friendly ski wax with the global snowsports market.

mountainFLOW eco-wax

mountainFLOW eco-wax

Founded in 2016 mountainFLOW has quickly become the go-to alternative to petroleum-based ski
waxes. Concerned with the toxic nature, to both the environment and humans, of traditional
fluorinated waxes, MountainFlow started developing their 100% plant-based quick wax. Currently,
mountainFLOW eco-wax offers three wax options; anti-stick spray, skin wax, and Quick Wax.

mountainFLOW eco-wax

“We are pumped to be working with Meteorite PR. Not only are they super well connected in the ski
industry, but the stoke that they put behind our wax is unmatched!” says mountainFLOW founder Peter

The need for speed should not come with at a cost to the environment and human health.
mountainFLOW eco-wax believes that eco-friendly and high performance should not be mutually
exclusive. They design all of their products with eco-friendly standards in mind and are proud to be
leading the industry on both fronts.

In May of 2016, the EPA released a document explaining some of the health risks associated with
exposure to certain perfluoro found in traditional snow waxes. They include thyroid disorders,
hypertension, and preeclampsia during pregnancy, and testicular and kidney cancer. Not to mention the harm to watersheds that surround our sacred mountains.

mountainFLOW eco-wax

“mountainFLOW eco-wax has the vision to eliminate all toxic runoff produced from the desire to go fast
on the slopes,” said Mike Eisenbrown, Meteorite PR's Account Manager for mountainFLOW. “We are
eager to share this eco-friendly story while spending time on slope skiing and calling it work.”
To find more about MountainFLow Eco Wax and their products and ethos visit


Support them now by heading over Kickstarter. 

About mountainFLOW eco-wax
mountainFLOW is a leading producer of eco-friendly ski wax and proud to offer North America's only line of plant-
based wax. mountainFLOW believes that eco-friendly and high performance should not be mutually exclusive and
strives to create products that improve the skiing experience while protecting the mountain playgrounds that we
love. Their products are available at ski shops throughout the US and Canada and can be purchased online at

About Meteorite PR
At Meteorite PR, we are product experts to our core. We are the ultimate end user, and we’ve been working in ski,
outdoor, and action sports media for more than two decades. Call us Gen Xers with a Millennial spirit — We’ve got the experience and maturity to build your brand with the authenticity and stamina necessary to compete in the modern, digital world. Brand builders with a passion for PR, you never know what We’ve got up our sleeve.
Meteorite PR – we do media right.

Media contact: Mike Eisenbrown | | 440.725.0031

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