Sea to Summit Flame III Womens Ultralight Sleeping Bag – Amazingly Light

Sea to Summit Flame III Womens Ultralight Sleeping Bag Review

A featherweight bag that maximizes warmth and comfort; it does it all. Sea to Summit has released a women’s specific line of sleeping bags they have called the Flame bags. They are incredibly light and vary from 48º to 15º and even have a 55º liner option.
Sea to Summit Flame III Womens Ultralight Sleeping Bag

Sea to Summit Flame III Womens Ultralight Sleeping Bag

I have the 25º bag which I have found ideal for 3 seasons. I have found this temperature rating the most versatile as it can withstand the chilly nights of spring and fall or can be left unzipped on hot summer nights. 

Sea to Summit Flame III Womens Ultralight Sleeping Bag is wider

The Flame III 25º womens sleeping bag has a wider profile in the hips and knees so that you can sleep in a more natural position instead of compressing the down and creating a drafty area.

Made for Women

While most women’s gear follows the “shrink it and pink it” ideology, Sea to Summit has listened to our demands for gear that is specific to us. In their answer, they have filled the down chambers using body-mapping to maximize warmth for a woman’s physiology. They have also made the shoulders narrower and the bag shorter to eliminate the baggy sleeping bag that creates cold pockets. 
The 10D shell and 7D liner nylon keep the product incredibly light. One of the first things I noticed about the bag was how it holds air. I call it “self inflating”. The Ultra-Dry 850+ loft packs down to incredibly small size, but when you pull the bag out of the stuff sack it takes air into the down chambers creating more insulation.
Sea to Summit Flame III Womens Ultralight Sleeping Bag
You know how an inflatable sleeping pad keeps you warmer via the layer of air creating insulation? Same deal. When you leave the sleeping bag out, it performs some sort of magic and adds air to the sections of down.
The only con to this is getting the air out to put it back in its stuff sack. I have found that you have to put the bottom (the feet) in first to make it fit. This way the air can escape up the top. Otherwise, it’s kind of a bear to get it to fit. Due to this, I wish the stuff sack was just a little bigger. 
Sea to Summit Flame III Womens Ultralight Sleeping Bag
Although the bag has a full length side zipper, it differs from a traditional zipper. On most sleeping bags you are able to detach the two zipper sides from each other, not the case with this bag. The zipper does not separate at the bottom which is neither a pro nor con for me. The only problem this creates is not being able to zip it together with another sleeping bag.
Sea to Summit Flame III Womens Ultralight Sleeping Bag

Sea to Summit Flame III Womens Ultralight Sleeping Bag review

If found this bag to be really energy efficient meaning it holds your body heat really well. You don’t have to work as hard to stay warm through the night. 
The Flame bags come with both a stuff sack and a storage bag. Since this is a women’s bag and made for smaller folks, make sure you check the sizing. I am about 5’9” and fit well in a long. $450

Flame™ Ultralight Women's Sleeping Bag

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Eliza Lockhart

Eliza Lockhart

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