Adidas Sport Sunglasses SP0031-H – Extremely Light

Jace Jackson

The Adidas Sport Sunglasses SP0031-H sound like something out of an 80’s sci-fi movie. Thankfully, wearing them is a lot less cumbersome than pronouncing their name. These frameless sport sunglasses are designed to keep you cool and fog-free while on the move. There are lots of great sport sunglasses on the market – and admittedly I am a bit of an addict – so how do these stack up?

Adidas Sport Sunglasses SP0031-H - Extremely Light 6
Great for MTB rides in varying light

Initial Impressions

Adidas claims that the weight of these glasses comes in at less than an ounce. When I first read that, I thought it had to be a typo, so I broke out the scale to verify for myself… Sure enough, these bad boys clocked in at 0.9 ounces on my scale. These suckers are light!


Adidas Sport Sunglasses SP0031-H - Extremely Light 7


Adidas Sport Sunglasses SP0031-H - Extremely Light 8Adidas™ SP0031-H 02A 138 Sunglasses in Matte Black


I’m a lover of big, loud and otherwise unorthodox-looking sunglasses (you should see my collection of Pit Vipers), so while a bit large and sporty-looking for some, these were right up my alley. They haven’t released new colors as of yet (you can only purchase white on their site), but we have reason to believe that the all black version will be on the market soon. 

Adidas Sport Sunglasses SP0031-H - Extremely Light 9

I was also impressed by the quality of the hard case that came with these glasses. Anymore, sunglasses usually either come with a cheap, throwaway case or a soft pouch. Adidas went above and beyond to provide a quality hard case that is on par with hard cases that are sold separately from other companies for $30+.

Adidas Sport Sunglasses SP0031-H - Extremely Light 10
The included hard case is a really nice touch



These sunglasses feature Adidas’ new proprietary lens technology called Kolor Up, which claims to “visually enhance your surrounding light, color, and contrast,” in line with other lens technologies such as Prizm from Oakley, or ChromaPop from Smith.

Indeed, these lenses do make for an enjoyable viewing experience in all lighting situations… They provide all the UV protection you need in bright light, while also increasing contrast in low light and reducing eye strain in all situations. I first used these glasses on a late afternoon mountain bike ride through a shady section of forest as the sun was setting and the Kolor Up lens was a welcomed companion while zipping through the dark trees. 

Adidas Sport Sunglasses SP0031-H - Extremely Light 11
A high-quality polycarbonate lens

The lens is made of superlight polycarbonate and has the same quality feel of many other high-end sunglass manufacturers. I was also pleasantly surprised at how scratch-resistant these seem to be for being polycarbonate (as opposed to glass) lenses. 


I have a big dome. It is hard for me to find sunglasses that a) don’t put pressure on my temples and b) don’t make me look like I’m wearing children’s glasses from the prize box at the dentist office… These Adidas Sport Sunglasses fit the bill for me in both categories. The double injected temples with rubberized grip make for an extremely light and comfortable wearing experience. It’s easy to forget that you’re wearing these, and I can’t say that for many glasses. I have really enjoyed the flexible and slightly curved arms on these.

Adidas Sport Sunglasses SP0031-H - Extremely Light 12

However, even though the arms are perfect for someone with a big/wide head (my hat size is 7 ¾), the lens itself seems a bit narrow in comparison. Personally, I prefer lenses that offer full coverage of my whole face from temple-to-temple.

While these do not put any pressure on the temples due to the amazingly flexible arms, the lens itself leaves a few centimeters of space on either side, which I think looks a bit goofy on me. At the end of the day, though, that is an issue with my own large face and is purely a matter of personal preference… There is nothing objectively to take away from the glasses in terms of fit, they are just not entirely compatible with my face shape. 

Adidas Sport Sunglasses SP0031-H - Extremely Light 13
Adjustable nose piece and subtle Adidas branding

These specs have an adjustable nose pad and lots of tasteful rubber accents throughout, so most people will be able to dial in the fit for their specific head. 

Adidas Sport Sunglasses SP0031-H - Extremely Light 14
Rubber accents and ergonomic arms make these stay right where you want them.


These are some of the most comfortable sport-specific glasses that I’ve worn. The flexible temples, adjustable nose pad, and rubber accents allow them to sit and stay right where you put them, which is a rare find in the world of sport sunglasses.

As much as I love the way my Pit Vipers look, I am constantly needing to push them back up the bridge of my nose during activity. That is not the case with the Adidas Sport Sunglasses – There is very minimal slipping around with these, even when things get sweaty.

I also really dig the frameless lens and shape of these. It allows for exceptional air flow, and the angle of the lens seems to allow sweat to drip freely without landing on the lens (especially during activities where you’re leaning forward like cycling). There was clearly a lot of thought put into the shape of these sunglasses, and it shows. 


Although I have personal qualms with the way these fit my face specifically, I keep finding myself reaching for them when going out for a mountain bike ride or trail run because they are just so darn comfortable and great in varying light. When you consider that many similar sport sunglasses go for $200+, The Adidas Sport Sunglasses SP-0031-H for $160 are a solid value and certainly worth considering if you like the way they fit your face.  

Jace Jackson

Jace is a third-generation Coloradan, raised in the foothills of Evergreen. He fell in love with the outdoors at a young age, summiting his first 14er at 8 years old. He studied business at the University of Denver, where he was an All-American Rugby player.

He lives to play in the mountains with his wife, Taylor, and their super-mutt Samson. You can find them (usually together) playing on Colorado’s high peaks… Backpacking, mountaineering, snowboarding (split and solid), trail running, and mountain biking — these are a few of their favorite things.

He has an affinity for high-quality gear, but he’s not afraid to use it and is notorious for testing his equipment to its fullest potential.

A lover of Type 2 fun, Jace is always up for a good sufferfest as long as there is a cold beer or two after.

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