Costa Cheeca Sunglasses: 580P Multi-Sport All Stars

Costa Cheeca Sunglasses: Multi-Sport All Stars

Costa Cheeca Sunglasses: 580P Multi-Sport All-Stars


I have a problem when it comes to sunglasses. 

You see, I have a small face and a trademark Asian nose decidedly lacking in much of a nose bridge. Most sunglasses I find are too wide and slip off my face because they’re simply too loose.

My Oakley sunglasses look dated (purchased in 2008) because they are dated. Shopping for sunglasses is worse than shopping for jeans, in my opinion. Due to the shape of my face, most sunglass trends look ridiculous on me.

Enter Costa  Cheecas (MSRP $179 to $259).

Costa Cheeca

Featuring styled temples, polarized 100 percent UV protected lenses and bio-resin nylon construction, the medium female framed Cheecas were designed for fishing and other outdoor water pursuits. However, I wear them snowshoeing, doing errands and hiking. 

They are multi-sport all stars! So light, one would mistake the frames for being a pair of cheap sunglasses purchased at a gas station- which is far from the case. I like them so much, I want another pair (perhaps the rose tortoise with the copper silver mirror next time around). 

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If Costa sounds familiar, it is because they have been receiving a lot of accolades, recently winning Best of Category-Eyewear during the International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades (ICAST) 2019 New Product Showcase Awards. It marks Costa’s first female style to win an ICAST award and the eleventh ICAST award Costa products have won for various new sunglass styles and lens technologies since 2008.

I’m the type of person who buys that if I really like something, I’ll buy multiple versions of it. Thankfully, Cheeca fills that need too.

Ranging from Matte Shadow Tortoise with green mirror lenses, to Shiny Black with gray lenses (the ones I have been wearing), Cheecas are available in no less than ten color and lens (plastic, glass, and polarized) combinations.

Costa Cheeca Sunglasses

Costa Cheeca Sunglasses

Costa Cheeca Sunglasses Review

Costa Cheecas are prescription ready and perfect for Spring/Summer 2020. Thanks to Costa, I may have finally found a company that offers multiple stylish options, with the polarized 100 percent UV protection technology the outdoor life at high altitude demands.

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