Tifosi Sizzle Glasses 

Andrew Piotrowski

Low Price, high performance! 

If you are in the market for some new shades, don’t let Tifosi’s low price point scare you away. Their performance at the lower price point is unmatched right now. Over the past year, I have had the chance to test a few pairs of their glasses and have been impressed both times. 

Tifosi Sizzle Glasses 2

Recently I got to try out their newest model called the Sizzle. These glasses are technically in the “lifestyle” category, but I found them to perform in various high-output scenarios. I have spent many hours running trails, riding bikes, and paddling rough water in them and found them to perform well!

Style- Love it! This is my first pair of single-lens glasses, and I love how they look. They find a nice balance between being large enough to provide coverage but small enough not to look ridiculous. They look as good running as they do at a casual dinner at the local dock bar. 

Comfort- I find these to be really comfortable. The Hydrophilic Rubber in the nose area of the frame feels good on the skin and does not cause any irritation even in humid or wet conditions. The TR-90 frame also feels good on the skin and helps to keep them from moving or shifting.

Performance- After spending the last month running, riding, and paddling in these, I truly don’t understand how they are priced so low. They stay on my face better than much higher-priced models, and they don’t slide, bounce, or shift. The Polycarbonate lens provides good protection against harmful light and seldomly fog up. 

Durable- Disclaimer – I don’t recommend treating your glasses like this, but you probably can! I am pretty hard on sunglasses. I don’t use fancy hard cases or microfiber bags. I typically jus throw my shades in my dry bag or hydration vest pocket.

They get bounced around with other loose gear, stacked under other gear, or even thrown off the rooftop box of my car when I forget to put them back on my head. I have worn them in saltwater, sand, and very dry dirt. Despite all of this, they are completely intact. No bending, breaking, or scratching. 

Check Them Out – https://www.tifosioptics.com/product/sizzle-blackout/ 

MSRP- $34.95 

Andrew Piotrowski

Andrew is a trail runner, climber, paddler, snowboarder, marketer, and most importantly a dog dad. Andrew grew up in suburban Philadelphia and now lives on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

Andrew Piotrowski
Andrew Piotrowski

While he lives pretty far from the mountains, he puts a heavy focus on preparing for them and inspiring others to do the same. He first fell in love with the mountains on family trips to the White Mountains and the Adirondacks. He spent the majority of his early life competitively running and leisurely paddling, however after college he began focusing on learning to climb, snowboard, and backpack.

Andrew Piotrowski
Andrew Piotrowski backpacking

Over the past ten years since then, he has been fortunate enough to gain some amazing experiences exploring North America. Some of the most memorable thus far are alpine climbing in the Sierra, trail running in Alberta, learning to splitboard in NH, countless days hiking in the Catskills, or a plethora of mellow days paddling the Chesapeake Bay with friends.

Andrew Piotrowski
Andrew Piotrowski on MT Whitney

When he can’t be in the mountains Andrew is often running or hiking with his favorite training partners, his two rescue dogs Calvin and Enzo. Andrew is also a self-proclaimed gear junkie and confessed that his gear loft is the most organized place in his home.

Blog: Flatcityclimbing.com

Instagram: pack_mule_piotrowski

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