Looking for a waterproof backpack that can handle any day trip you plan on? Then check out the Mountain Hardwear Scrambler RT OutDry 35 backpack. It’s a basic roll-top backpack made with a really cool waterproofing technology called OutDry. Simple design yet outperforms other backpacks in this category. Read on to find out why.

The Scrambler is such a useful backpack that we found it on more trips than any other backpack we tested this summer and fall. It just works! The design is straightforward – a large main compartment with roll top, 2 side pockets that stretch and a stretchy kangaroo pocket on the back. Of course, there are hip belt pockets as well as a slot for a hydration bladder. We were pretty pumped on that. The hydration sleeve is basic and does not interfere with the waterproof main compartment.

What makes this bag so special (besides being well engineered) is that it is made of completely waterproof OutDry materials. We had a water bladder leak a liter of water, then sit in the back of a truck for a week, and not a drop penetrated the bag. Very impressive! We found this bag seeing a use for day hikes, outdoor concerts, biking, farmers markets and some backcountry skiing (thought bag is not made for that and it was a tight fit getting the shovel in there). The bag carries weight very well thanks to the unique spine frame.

There are several backpacks in Mountain Hardwear’s lineup that feature the OutDry technology and they are all great. We used the bigger version (Ozonic 65 – MSRP $270) on many backpacking camping trips. For the money (MSRP $150) you can’t go wrong. This backpack will soon become your favorite too!

The Scrambler is available in 30, 35, and 40L capacities and in the flap or roll-top styles.  Grab the rolltop (designated by “RT” in the pack name) for full waterproofness.

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