Mountain Hardwear Scrambler 25L Backpack – Well Rounded Adventure Pack

Will Coleman - Mountain Hardwear Scrambler pack

Will Coleman – Mountain Hardwear Scrambler pack

The updated Scrambler backpacks have all of us at Engearment stoked.  Made from a durable, waterproof fabric – it saw use splitboarding, climbing and hiking this winter.

Updated Design

I have used the previous generation of Scrambler packs before and was quite fond of them.  The new version is all that and much much more.  Mountain Hardwear uses an interesting material called Dimension Polyant for the Scrambler packs.  This is a lightweight fabric, yet waterproof and surprisingly durable.  Like, very surprising.  It reminds me of a Cuban fiber that you might find on a high-end ultralight pack.

Waterproof construction

Even though Moutain Hardwear states that the material is 4 layer and waterproof, I still had to test it.  So, I left it out overnight in a blizzard while I camped with the dogs.  Not a single drop of water got in the backpack. I was impressed.  After my initial winter testing, I sent the pack over to Will Coleman for the real test.  Trust me, if anyone is going to wear the heck out of something, it is Will.

Mountain Hardwear Scrambler on bike path

loaded up on the way up

How the Scrambler backpack was tested

Will is outside doing more crazy mountain activities than anyone I know.  His average day can consist of climbing, splitboarding, biking, trail running, and rafting.  And that is just by noon!  Kidding aside, he is a great gear tester.  We both hoped the Scrambler would accommodate a splitboard, and it did!  The reinforced gear loops on either side of the pack proved durable and effective.  Though the pack is not labeled as a backcountry ski and splitboard pack (as there is no dedicated probe and shovel pocket).

Will in the alpine. Literally

Will in the alpine. Literally

The ability to haul a splitboard and climbing gear was truly awesome.  This would be excellent for skimo users.  There is even a reinforced loop on the inside next to the hydration sleeve that can hold heavy gear.  Lots of thoughtful features like that throughout the pack.

Mountain Hardwear Scrambler loaded up

Mountain Hardwear Scrambler loaded up

Will used the pack during the Front Range Splitfest last week and had several people stoked on it.  He also rocked what he calls “technical alpine jorts”.  These had to been seen to believe.  They may have even helped him hitchhike….. judge for yourself 🙂

Will Coleman - Alpine Jorts, splitboard, MH Scrambler pack

Will Coleman – Alpine Jorts, splitboard, MH Scrambler pack. Living legend here. Pic credit Jacob John McEachern

Review of Scrambler 25L Backpack

If you have not gathered by now, we are all big fans of the Scrambler.  Our only regret is that we have just one pack in our Engearment testing quiver.  At a very reasonable price of $140 for the 25L and $160 for the 35L – all of us agree that it is well worth the money.  The pack works dang well for every activity we could through at it.  Literally.  We threw it around everywhere we went. Still looks good.  Two thumbs up!

Mountain Hardwear Scrambler 25L Backpack - Well Rounded Adventure Pack 1Scrambler 35L Backpack $159.95

Mountain Hardwear Scrambler 25L Backpack - Well Rounded Adventure Pack 2Scrambler 25L Backpack $139.95



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  1. YH

    Is this all white version 25L or 35L? I can’t find a 25L in white on their website

  2. Jeremy dumont

    How did Will securely attach his ice axe(s)? I have this same pack but I haven’t really used it for splitboarding, but I see how it could. The reinforced loops on the side are great for a-frame carry when in split mode. The avy gear can can fit in the main pocket, along with crampons and such. Does he use the end of the daisy chain to attach the pick of the axe? Seems like it might work but I just wanted to see how he did it. Thanks for any info!


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