Pale Blue USB Rechargeable Lithium Polymer AA Batteries – Better, Faster

Lithium Polymer is a newer battery technology that promises a lot.  Pale Blue is launching USB rechargeable AA and AAA batteries using this LiPo tech.  We tested them out in the Colorado mountains to see how they perform.

Lithium Polymer tech

LiPo, LIP or Li-poly, or lithium-poly for short – is relatively new form of rechargeable battery.  Used in applications were light weight and flexible shape are desired. Such as laptops and smartphones. Pale Blue has taken this technology and created a very cool rechargeable battery.

Pale Blue Rechargeable USB Lithium Polymer AAA and AA Batteries
discharged (notice the red)

USB Rechargeable AA and AAA batteries

One of the first things you may notice when looking at the Pale Blue batteries is the Micro USB port on the side of each battery.  The batteries come with a unique, 4 in 1 USB charger cable.  Simply plug the cable into a USB port and you are good to go.

Pale Blue Rechargeable USB Lithium Polymer AAA and AA Batteries
fully charged using the 4 way cable (notice the green)

Fast Charging!

Like, very fast! The makers of Pale Blue claim the the LiPo batteries charge 5x after then regular NiMh. I used a combination of different portable power banks and solar chargers to test the Pale Blue batteries out.  I found that I was able to get the batteries to charge in under 2 hours.  That is very impressive!  Even using a solar charger, the results were the same.  This makes the Pale Blue batteries ideal for emergency kits or off the grid use.

Consistant output

Based on the information provided by Pale Blue, it shows that the lithium polymer batteries maintainability more consistent output as well as last longer (up to 2x longer) than NiMh.

Pale Blue Rechargeable USB Lithium Polymer AAA and AA Batteries


We use AA and AAA batteries for a number of electronics in our home.  From headlamps and flashlights, to water purifiers (the UV kind) and LED lights. I think it is great to have reliable, rechargeable batteries on hand at all times.  We stopped using alkaline batteries years ago and have replaced all of our batteries with rechargeable ones.  In the future, I imagine we will replace those batteries (once they die) with Pale Blue USB rechargeable batteries!

How to buy Pale Blue

Currently, these are available on Kickstarter.  Here is a link to back them. Looking at how many people have backed this, it looks like they may be shipping this fall.  I have a good feeling that this tech is going to pave the way for better batteries!


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