Looking for an emergency shell? Maybe a rain jacket? How about a windbreaker? Got it. Now let’s say you wanted to use it for skiing, snowboarding, backcountry touring, splitboarding, biking to work and going to get a beer. All that and under 1 pound. Oh, and make sure it packs into a hand pocket. Too much for one jacket? Nope. Enter the TREW BeWild jacket.

You can read this review, or you can just go buy this jacket and thank us later. Ok, so you are still reading… Here are some interesting facts on this chameleon of a jacket. Yes, it is very lightweight – just under 1 lb for XL. Yes, it is very thin – thanks to the 8D backer. You would think that with this lightweight and thin of a jacket it would just be a windbreaker or some fragile emergency shell. And surely it would not breathe very well. Well, they fixed all those concerns and incorporated 20k waterproof and 40k breathable PU membrane in the jacket. Plus it stretches!

So we have a lightweight, stretchy, waterproof and breathable jacket that folds into a pocket. What did they cut out to get there? Let’s see – there are 2 nice sized hand pockets, Napoleon pocket, adjustable cuffs, comfortable hood (with chin guard) and pit zips. Does not sound like they missed anything to me!


We had a chance to take this jacket out on cool-warm weather bike commutes, backcountry splitboard tours and even on a few date nights. The fit is accommodating and comfy. Somehow we were able to get our medium tester and XL tester in the same XL jacket. Maybe it’s magic? You will see the medium size tester in the pictures and XL in the video.  (Ed. Note – Thank goodness our medium-sized tester was around to class the place up.)

Bottom line – this is a feature-packed, lightweight, functional jacket that can be used year round. Plus – the green looks pretty rad. The 80s called and they said to get this jacket. MSRP $229


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