MiiR Heritage Growler – Cool and Carbonated

miir growler

MiiR Heritage Growler is a bit different than most other growlers out there. Why is that? One of the main reasons it is different and potentially better is there is no threading on the lid. It uses the old school clamp style hinge (think your grandma’s homemade pickles). The theory is that the clamp style top keeps carbonation from leaking.

How does it perform?

The MiiR Heritage Growler sure does keep beer cold, at least as cold as any other growler we have tested. They claim 24hrs, though we never let the beer last that long. The growler is very attractive, as are all of MiiR’s offerings. Thermo 3d Double Wall Vacuum Insulation keeps cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot beverages hot for 12hours. Again, we did not attempt to prove this but have no reason to believe it would not.

We had mixed feelings about the clamp style lid. Love the look of it as well as the idea of its simplicity. The caveat was probably user error. See, the more we drank from it, the harder it became to operate. Such is life when you drink beer. We will continue to fill it with beer and pursue further testing. It is clearly the best course of action.

This particular MIIR Heritage Growler was given to us by Westbound and Down Brewing Company. If you operate a brewery, the Heritage Growler would be a top choice for branding. If you are beer enthusiast, the MIIR growler will serve you well. If you just want to keep water cool on hot summer days, then this will do the trick. MSRP $55 and available directly from MiiR.

miir growler

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