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You’re on a bike trail and you stop for a bit to eat. What do you grab? Probably some energy bar that you have a dozen of at home, the same one that you keep buying over and over. Yay. (Ed.Note – is this sarcasm?)  It is almost an afterthought that you are eating it. What if you could try several new brands of bars and trail mixes? And what if it came to YOU? Well, that is precisely what Trailfoody does.

Trailfoody work with brands of energy bars, trail mixes, and nutritional products to deliver, to you, a package full of goodness. The package is actually a nylon stuff sack! We tried the service out and were pleasantly surprised by what they put together. I have tried SO MANY different energy bars, but I was impressed with what they sent us. Of the products, I have only seen one, the rest were new to us. Score!

I took the stuff sack full of trail food on a splitboard tour without even opening the bag beforehand. I wanted to fully commit to trusting what Trailfoody put together. I dumped the bag out and was pleasantly surprised with all the healthy snacks. Grass fed beef jerky, chia seed drink, Kate’s Bar, and a date based energy bar made for a heck of a nice lunch. The stuff sack came in handy for the trail as well. Easy to grab and go, then reuse it to store gloves and jacket in.

Trailfoody review

There are a few levels of service that they offer: Wander ($21.95) Pathfinder ($43.95) and Intrepid ($53.95). The Wander has 9+ items totaling 1100-1400 calories and a stuff sack. The Pathfinder comes with 3 packs of 7+ items, each pack is 700-1000 calories, plus the stuff sack. Intrepid is 4 packs of 7+ items, each 700-1000 calories and, of course, the stuff sack. You can also try the service out, without the subscription (which you can cancel at any time) for $24.95.

I think Trailfoody has a good service and can be a nice change of pace from your usual trail food. I was turned onto some new companies thanks to Trailfoody, so that is a major bonus!  Sign up at and use code engearment to get 50% off your first month!

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