Rafael Pease

Kyrgyzstan _ Jesse Levine _ @ReelMotion 3.13
Kyrgyzstan Pic – Jesse Levine @ReelMotion 3.13

Rafael was born in France and grew up all over the world. He has always been active in the outdoors but didn’t actually begin to snowboard till he was 17. Now 24, he spends nearly every month chasing snow and adventure in both hemispheres. Rafael splits half of his time between Chile and the United States, where he just completed his degree in Environmental Sciences and Geography at the University of Colorado, where the rest of the year you can find him somewhere exploring in Asia, Europe and beyond.

Canada_ Nathan Starzynski _ @NathanStarzynski 1.4
Canada pic @NathanStarzynski


His particular style of snowboarding is self-sufficient high and remote alpine expeditions, where there is 1 pain peak objection with a dozen or more ‘mini’ objections. The ride down is only a tenth of the fun that is had, the puzzle of logistics and suffering of access is the other side of fun.


Kyrgyzstan - pic Jesse Levine @ReelMotion
Kyrgyzstan – pic Jesse Levine @ReelMotion


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