GCI Firepit Rocker Chair – Embrace It, Gramps

Folding camp chairs have come a long way over there years. The GCI Firepit Rocker is not only a fold-up camp chair, it is actually a good rocking chair. Yep, that is right, this is a fold-up rocking chair for camping and lounging. How does it hold up to actual use though?GCI Firepit Rocker Chair

What is it?

The GCI Firepit Rocking chair folds up easy and stores flat when not in use (as opposed to cylindrical like many other camp chairs). Folded size is 25.5″ x 5.5″ x 33”. Open size is 25.5″ x 24.4″ x 33″ and supports up to 250lbs. The chair is just under 12lbs and seat height is 15”, not too low, nor too high.

Does the Firepit Rocker work?

Yep. This is a fantastic camp chair with all the features you would want – cup holder, comfortable seat, padded armrest and easy to fold up. Bonus, it actually rocks with smooth action. GCI incorporates a shock of sorts, they call it the Spring Action Rocking Technology. We put it to use in winter camping as well as summer camping. No issues with temperatures affecting rocking performance.

GCI Firepit Rocker Review

I fell in love with this chair the moment I sat in it. Every other person that has sat in it has offered to buy it on the spot. The GCI Firepit Rocker is that good. MSRP is $60 and is fairly priced. We liked it so much we purchased more for our next camping trip! It does take up a bit of space when folded up, so keep that in mind. We are able to get it into our low pro topper as well in the back seat or trunk of our 4 Runner. If you are tight on space though, this might not be the best chair for you.

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