You’re looking for a lightweight backpacking tent for you and up to two other people.  Maybe you’re a couple with and a dog or two. There are many great options out there, but none offer the amount of livable space that the NEMO Equipment Losi 3p does.


At a 5 lbs, 13 oz. the Losi is pretty light (NEMO shaved off a full pound from last year!) yet provides a very livable amount of space – 49 sq ft. It can be hard to find a lightweight tent that a 6’-plus person can fit into without touching the walls with his feet or head. No problem with that here. The Losi is an impressive 90” long and 78” wide. That means you can fit 3 full size (75” x 25”) sleeping pads side by side. The headroom is also the best we have tested at 48” high, making sitting up easy to do.


With all this amazing space and lightweight, surely there has got to be a catch, right?

Not that we could find. We owned the previous generation Losi 3p for 3 years and used the heck out of it. The only main gripe we had with it was its lack of venting that led to condensation. Well, that is not an issue anymore. We camped 5 ft from a river, with a very little crosswind and kept both doors shut. We had 2 adults and a dog in the tent, so probably the same conditions you would have. Sleeping on the Nemo Mambo system.  No condensation. Other tents we tested that night had plenty of condensation, so we were very impressed.

The Losi is made of 15D Sil / PU nylon ripstop material that boasts 1200mm water resistance. The floor is 40D PU nylon and is rated at 1500mm water resistance. We set it up on moist ground and did not use a ground cloth, just to test the tent out as thoroughly as possible.  No leaks!


The Losi 3p is very easy to set up.

It comes with Jakes Feet corners.  We think most tents should come with these as it really makes setting up a tent easier. Especially for one person setting it up. The poles intersect 5 times to create a robust structure that can stand up to most 3 season weather conditions you would encounter. Nemo includes dual doors that are equal size and roll back nicely. The doors now have a bit of green nylon that goes up higher on the tent body to offer the users a bit of privacy. A nice feature when you are getting naked with [Editor’s note – we think he means around] strangers. The shorter poles snap into little clips that create vertical walls at the head and foot of the tent. This makes the tent feel even larger than it is and helps make the inside quite livable.  Nemo offers their usual accessories for the Losi 3p – footprint, Pawprint, and gear loft.


If you are in the market for a 3 person backpacking/car camping tent – it would be hard to find a better set up than the Losi. At $489.95, it’s not as cheap as many other options out there, but you are getting one heck of a great piece of gear.

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