Decathlon 2 Second 3 Pop Up Tent

Decathlon 2 Second 3 Pop Up Tent 1

Decathlon 2 Second 3 Pop Up Tent

This tent is pretty unique in that it literally pops up to form a 3 person tent.  Decathlon has this tent priced at under $100.  Pretty great for a budget-conscious family!

Decathlon 2 Second 3 Pop Up Tent

Decathlon 2 Second 3 Pop Up Tent in Colorado

This was a well thought out tent in design.  The inner tent is suspended from the outer tent.  This is a feature I always look for in camping tents.  One, for ease of set up, but also, for keeping the inner tent dry. Typically, this is found on more expensive, European style tents.

Ease of set up

Decathlon calls this the “2-second” tent as it is supposed to set up in 2 seconds.  Being a newbie to pop up tents, I was still able to get this tent up in under a minute.  Mostly due to me not understanding the directions and trusting the design to work.  Despite my best efforts to screw the setup, up – it worked out well.  Thank goodness, as I was setting this tent up in a rainstorm!

Decathlon 2 Second 3 Pop Up Tent stakes

basic stakes

Size and function

The pop-up tent was surprisingly roomy at 90″ x 78″.  The roof was around 40″ high, so not super tall, but still workable.  The pitch-black interior was nice for sleeping in past the sunrise of 5:15 am.  I was a bit concerned at the durability and wind resistance of the tent vs. the Colorado weather.  But, it handled the modest winds (~15-20MPH) with ease.

This tent could be useful for people just getting started in camping, or for use at the beach on sunny days.  At a very fair price of $99, you really can’t complain about the Decathlon tent.  I would recommend this tent for most 3 season camping situations and especially family car camping. $99

Decathlon 2 Second 3 Pop Up Tent

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