ENO Lounger DL Chair – Maximum Camp Comfort Chair

ENO Lounger DL Chair Review

ENO Lounger DL Chair – Maximum Camp Comfort Chair

The Lounger DL is packed with some comfortable features.  Making it a great option for camping and outdoor events. It is adjustable, has a cup holder and integrated pillow!

Adjustable height

This is a really cool feature that I have not seen in other folding chairs.  The ability to have two different heights.  This can be helpful when using the ENO Lounger at outdoor concerts or events.  When used at camp, I preferred to have the legs fully extended.  I took the chair to an outdoor concert and was able to use the lower setting to keep from blocking the view of other guests.  Nice feature!

Built in Pillow

This feature really impressed me.  We are testing several camp chairs over here at Engearment, but none have a built in pillow.  This made for serious relaxation!  The pillow is sizable and goes the entire width of the head/neck area.  Through in the cup holder and this was the go-to chair of the group.

ENO Lounger DL Camp Chair

Not for backpacking

The Lounger comes in around 5lbs.  By no means heavy, but not as light as some other camp chairs we have tested.  What is does with the extra weight is worth it, in my opinion.  I have been using this chair since May and have found it to be everyones favorite chair (when I let them use it that is!). Grab one for $125 at REI.

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