Elevenate Bec de Rosses Jacket – Super High-End Freeride Jacket

The Elevenate Bec de Rosses Jacket is one of the most high end freeride jackets I have ever seen.  Made with Gore-Tex Pro shell combined with backcountry specific features. This is one durable and good looking shell!

Men’s Elevenate Bec De Rosses Jacket $820

This jacket is made with Gore-Tex Pro shell, so it can handle as much snow and rain as you can take.  The durable materials are made for years of use in harsh conditions.  This is not a lightweight shell, this is a burly beast meant for 100+ days in the mountains.

Elevenate Bec de Rosses Jacket front

Elevenate Bec de Rosses Jacket front

Bec de Rosses fit and function

I am using an XL men’s jacket for this review.  For reference, I am 6’1″ 205lb 45″ chest 33″ waist and 36/37″ arms.  As you can see from the video, the fit is very good.  It is not alpine tight, nor is it park rat baggy.  I was able to use it comfortably over a regular merino wool baselayer.  It also allowed enough room to go over a down puffy.  In this case, the Elevenate Agile Down Jacket.

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Elevenate Bec de Rosses Jacket - Super High-End Freeride Jacket 1M Agile Jacket


Performance in the mountains

As expected, this jacket was awesome in the mountains.  I appreciated the placement of the hand pockets.  They are high enough to allow full access while wearing a backpack.  The inner pocket was great for storing gloves and beanie. The cuffs on the arms are very wide, which was a nice surprise.  This made it easy to go over my leather gloves.

The hood is huge and can easily fit over a helmet.  I tightened it up a bit to be a good fit over a hat and beanie for touring.  The collar is very tall and easily goes past my mouth.  A thoughtful feature is the air holes drilled through the area in front of the mouth.

Final thoughts on the Elevenate Bec de Rosses jacket

This is one of the most high-end jackets I have ever tested.  And that is saying a lot!  I would put this on the same level, if not higher, than Arcteryx or Fjallraven.  That is a big comparison, I know, but it is apt. With high-end performance, comes a high-end price tag – $820.  But, if you are going to invest in a jacket of this level, and want to support a cool Swedish company, then this is a solid choice!

Elevenate Bec de Rosses Jacket - Super High-End Freeride Jacket 2M Bec de Rosses Jacket




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  1. David Froggatt

    Hi I was wondering if you had looked at the ELEVENATE Bac De Rosse Insulated Jacket the active insulation jacket?
    I’ve not seen anybody review their kit

    • Sean Sewell

      Hey David!

      I have not used the active insulation yet, but can look into it!


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