Kuhl Klash Pants – The Best Softshell Pants

The Kuhl Klash Pants are my new favorite pants for a lot of reasons.  That is saying quite a bit! It is no secret that I am a fan of Kuhl pants and shorts. I have review up on my other favorites from them – the Renegade and The Navigatr and stand by those pants and shorts.  But the Klash on awesome in so many other ways.  Lets go over them!

Kuhl Klash Pants Features

the Klash are made of a very stretchy and breathable softshell material that is thicker than the Renegade and Navigatr, but somehow very pliable and comfortable.  The fabric is 7.7oz 262 GSM mix of nylon, poly and spandex. Hence the great stretch.

Kuhl Klash Pants
Kuhl Klash Pants

Zippered pockets

Each of the 6 pockets has a zipper to seal them shut.  This is nice when you are scrambling around and want to secure your gear.  It is also handy for pickpockets and kiddos LOL.  I am used to having the usual Kuhl cell phone drop pocket on the right hand side and was a bit taken back with the lack of that in the Klash pants.  But after a few minutes of use with the zipper cell pocket, I was very happy.

Kuhl Klash Pants
Kuhl Klash Pants

It easily holds the larges iPhone with ease.  Plus, it keeps it out of the way so you can get into deep squat and lunge positions without restriction. This is very handy for us active people.

Reinforced inside cuffs help protect the pants (and your legs) from crampons and snow shoes.  Unlike some ski and snowboard pants with this feature, the material on the Klash is pliable and quite.  So you dont have to worry about sounding like a trash bag in them.

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Another handy feature for winter activities is the hook and latch feature on the bottom front of the pants.  This comes in handy to secure the pants to your boots.  It is a very good feature and I love that they even made a safe garage for the hook.  I have caught my toenails on the hook on other pants before.  So being able to stash this hook when not needed is a huge bonus.

Finally, the pants have a zipper billow feature to allow the pants to flair out over bigger boots.  I was not able to get them over my snowboard boots, so they dont open super wide.  But definitely wide enough for the biggest winter boot for snow shoeing and trekking in variable conditions.

How I tested the Kuhl Klash Pants

You may have read in other Kuhl reviews that I am a fitness professional by trade.  That means I spend each day working directly with students and clients, showing them exercises and keeping very active myself. Heck, I even have clients that went out and purchased the Klash pants and they LOVE them!

Kuhl Klash Pants Mattis training Engearment
Kuhl Klash Pants Mattis training Engearment

Here is a great example of one of them.  My man Mattis grabbed a pair and uses them to snow shoe, fat bike and train in the snow here at our gym in Denver – Axistence Athletics.  He swears by them as much as I do.

Kuhl Klash Pants Mattis training Engearment
Kuhl Klash Pants Mattis training Engearment

Besides active day to day use, training in the snow and cold and using them almost daily (all but 2 days in almost 2 months!), I have used them for winter camping and hiking.  Traipsing around in the snow to get coffee for the wife.  Walking the dogs in the snow in the early morning.  To client meetings and (limited) social engagement.

The Klash are very good looking as well.  They do not look like your average softshell pants. I have received several compliments on the pants at the grocery store and other places.  Also, my wife is a big fan and she has a pair for herself too.  So, that is a bonus 🙂 They look even better in the women’s version!

So, there you have it, the Kuhl Klash are very functional and damn good looking.  They are super comfortable (I have slept in them many times) and dont stretch out.  Like I stated in the video and above, I have only not worn these pants for splitboarding and 2 other days.  Other than that, these pants have been on me for 2 months and I plan on grabbing a second pair (just in case!). They are that good.


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