KUIU Ultra Merino 145 1/4 Zip Review – Nuyarn and Great Fit

The KUIU Ultra Merino ($99) is a lightweight base layer that can also function as a stand-alone top in hot weather. Wool in hot weather?? Yes! It dumps heat and dries fast. Plus, there is UPF 50+ to keep you from getting burnt.

KUIU Ultra Merino 145 1/4 Zip Review

The KUIU Ultra Merino 145 1/4 Zip features NuYarn merino wool. We have reviewed several other shirts that use Nuyarn and we are fans! Nuyarn is like super merino wool. It is made of 90% Merino wool and 10& nylon.  When they create this new wool material, it gains some great properties.

KUIU Ultra Merino 145 1/4 Zip Review - Nuyarn and Great Fit 3

The wool becomes quicker drying (up to 5X faster) has 35% more stretch, 50% stronger and somehow has 35% more insulation power.  Not sure how to quantify all that, but I can say that the NuYarn shirts I have used are the longest-lasting ones I own. In fact, you will see them in most review videos.  They are made by TREW (although they are no longer available) and have an off-colored chest pocket.  You will know it when you see it in the videos 🙂

So, I have several years of experience with NuYarn and can attest to its durability and functionality.  I am glad to see it being used in the KUIU shirts.  I have enjoyed learning more about the clothing and gear that KUIU makes.  They use very high-end materials that some of my favorite brands use.

Although the target audience for KUIU is hunters and bow hunters especially, I feel there is a great crossover for backpackers, hikers, and anyone enjoying the outdoors. I was testing the KUIU Tiburon pants during this review and found them to be among the best hiking pants I have ever used.  So, it is definitely worth looking into the KUIU lineup for all kinds of adventures!

KUIU Ultra Merino 145 1/4 Zip Review - Nuyarn and Great Fit 4Merino 145 Zip-T Wool Hunting Fleece – Outer Layer | KUIU

Being a hunting-focused gear company, there are many camo offerings.  But, there are also several colors that appeal to non-hunters as well.

KUIU Ultra Merino Engearment
KUIU Ultra Merino Colors

I would put this base layer to use for skiing, splitboarding, snowshoeing, hiking, fishing, and anything you can think of outside.  A major bonus for being UPF 50 sun protection as well. There is a reason this shirt has over 800 five star reviews on their website 🙂

Fit and Function

I am 6’1″ 205lb 45″ chest 33″ waist 36/37 arms and the XL fit very well.  It was not skin tight like a lot of base layers. If you are looking for that slimmer fit, I would size down.  The sizing chart on the KUIU website is very accurate.

The extra length is great for tucking into pants, and the arms are more than adequate in length.  One of my favorite features is the thumb hole loops are very incognito.  You would not even know they are there if you were not looking for them. I wish other companies would take note of this and not make the monkey holes so obvious.

Bottom line – you do not have to be a hunter to appreciate the quality and functionality of the KUIU Ultra Merino shirts.  Or any of the KUIU gear for that matter.  The price is very fair for what you are getting too.  I am impressed with the KUIU clothes I have been testing this last month.  Stay tuned for their fitness clothes review as well.  Great stuff!


KUIU Tiburon Pant – Great Hot Weather Hiking Pants





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