KUIU Tiburon Pant – Great Hot Weather Hiking Pants

KUIU Tiburon Pant

KUIU Tiburon Pant – Great Hot Weather Hiking Pants

The KUIU Tiburon Pant is a very good choice for hot-weather adventures. The material breaths better than anything we have tested and functions well outdoors in a range of ways. From hiking, camping, and even casual use in the heat, these pants are great!

KUIU Tiburon Pant Review

I have been interested in KUIU for a few years now.  I work with several bowhunters and they have been raving about this brand since day one.  I can see why! Most of us here at Engearment are not hunters, but we are avid outdoor adventurers, so I think this crossover market review is going to open a lot of people’s eyes to KUIU.  I know it did for me!

As a hunter-focused clothing and gear company, KUIU designs its kit around the ideas of reliability, lightweight, and functionality.  Hmmm, that sounds a lot like what we backpackers and hikers are looking for too.

After studying a lot of the clothing and tents from KUIU, I appreciated the thought process and materials that they use.  If you look closely, you will see that they use a lot of the same materials as Patagonia.  Now, we are huge fans of Patagonia and we love working with them.  So to compare these two companies is saying quite a bit, and I think you will see why in this review.

In the KUIU Tiburon Pant, they use three technologies from Toray.  We have worked with Toray in several other reviews for Patagonia, TREW, and other companies, so we are already stoked about the choice of technology used.

KUIU Tiburon Pant

KUIU Tiburon Pant

Toray Dot Air for breathability

The Toray Dot Air fabric is quite incredible.  It dumps heat faster than any pant I have tested.  If you hold the material up to the sun, you can actually see through the holes.  It is simple and effective and does not look like tiny holes when you are wearing it.  Plus, it allows air to come into the pants and cool you down.  Note, I would not advise these for cold weather as the wind does zip right through the material. Which is ideal in hot weather.

Toray K DWR

K DWR is KUIU’s version of durable water repellent.  Most waterproof and softshell clothes will have a DWR on them to keep light rain and wet vegetation from soaking the clothes.  Plus, this treatment allows the pants to dry faster than not treated clothes.

Toray Makpec for odor control

Many clothing companies add an antimicrobial treatment to clothes to keep the funk down.  Some work and many do not.  This one seems to work well.  I was able to use the pants for 2 weeks straight before washing them.  That includes sleeping in them while camping, training at our gym in them, and lots of hiking around in them.

UPF 50+ for sun protection

If you are going to be outside and in the sun, then you need sun protection.  I used these in the alpine on several occasions and they did great.  It is great that the materials offer this much sun protection.

Lightweight and functional

The pants measured just under 12 ounces on my scale.  I would call that lightweight! The hand pockets are deep and mesh-backed.  The rear pockets are a bit small, but I was able to get my wallet in there for casual use.  You probably will not have a wallet on you when hiking though.

The two large zippered thigh pockets are excellent.  There is a second pocket on the inside of the right thigh pocket.  Plus, there are large storm flaps that cover the entrance of the pockets.  I was able to carry my large cell phone in either one.

Fit and style

I am 33″ waist 32″ inseam.  The Tiburon come in even number sizes as well as three lengths.  I am using the 34 x 32 in this review and found the fit to be really good.  I added a lightweight belt to them and found the pants fit ideal.

What I really like about the Tiburon pants is that I can use them as everyday pants, then get in the truck and head to the mountains to hike and camp without needing to switch pants.  Heck, I have even used them in the gym when coaching or training myself.

Lots of colors, including camo

If you are a hunter and reading this review, you will appreciate the camo offerings from KUIU.  If you are a backpacker or hiker, you will appreciate the solid colors, like the gunmetal I am using in this review.

KUIU Tiburon Pant - Great Hot Weather Hiking Pants 1Tiburon Hunting Pants – Polyester Hunting Pants | KUIU


Bottom line

The KUIU Tiburon Pants are a very nice choice for hot-weather adventures.  Whether that is backpacking and hiking or bow hunting (which is really a combo of both of those), the Tiburon will treat you well. MSRP $139


KUIU Tiburon Pant - Great Hot Weather Hiking Pants 2Tiburon Hunting Pants – Polyester Hunting Pants | KUIU



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